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More Work.

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 3 July 2008 | Views [486] | Comments [2]

The last time i wrote i had just started my new job and as im writing this in my apartment at 10am, i am clearly unemployed again.  I knew the job i had was only temporary and its probably just as well i got out of there when i did before the drunken site foreman had me dig any more holes or render any more walls that had already been dug to the right depth or already been smoothly rendered by a professional.  I enjoyed my 10 day stint on the site though, and learned alot that i didnt know about the construction of a house :  it is not as easy as it looks.  I suppose its a blessing i left when i did as the next day i had 2 job interviews for office jobs in the city centre, one of which it looks like ill be starting on Monday morning, working 9 to 5 instead of 6.30 to 3.30.  And the pay is better in an office job, so another plus there.   Its been sunny for about 2 weeks, not a cloud in sight, and its been great to work outdoors for that time, but soon its going to rain and when it does there'll be no stopping it!  Good time to move indoors.


Jo is still plodding along processing applications for foreigners to become Australian Nursing staff.  Shes befriended one of the girls who works there whos her own age, who, like half of Australia, comes from Scotland.  Stonehaven to be exact. 


Our friends who we met in Bali, then travelled to New Zealand with, have all just flown home to the US.  Very sad news indeed but it does mean that when Jo and i arrive in the States we'll have some people to meet up with, stay with and certainly party with wherever we go.  We have a man in Boston, New York, Denver - where weve decided to go for a weeks skiing, ill finally get a chance to see what this Aspen is all about - and there are a couple in San Francisco which is our first stop in the states.  Everyone i think wants a chance to showcase their city and i cant wait to be impressed.  One of my favourite parts of travelling is seeing the things that everyone else hasnt, or going to places that, as a tourist, youd never stumble accross without the help of a local tour guide.  The next couple of months wont be as fun as if they had all stayed, but these are our working months of this working holiday after all!


On Saturday night ive booked Jo and I in to see our first show in the Sydney Opera House.  There are a pair of award winning Australian comedian/magicians who are performing and as soon as i saw the ad in the paper i knew that this might be my only chance to see something in the Opera House that wasnt Opera, so we booked right in.  There will no doubt be a thousand photos from that so ill get them up as soon as i can.


Taking advantage of the glorious unseasonal weather the other day we went to check out the world famous Bondi beach.  Its half the size of Cullen, but even now in winter there were loads of people splashing about in the surf.  Jos stonehaven friend recommended that we do a beach to beach walk from Coogee to Bondai, which meant walking the cliffs along the coast for a couple of hours going past about 20 beaches and 200 surf shops all selling boards and wetsuits.  Theres a reason theyre all there though - while Jo and i were watching we saw 2 surfers get dumped by waves so hard that their boards snapped in half like twigs.  No surfing for me!!




Great news, an inside job in winter !! What does it entail? it doesnt sound like you at all though - thought you were purely an outsider...All's well with us here and will try and call sometime when I have worked out the right hour to phone.

  dad Jul 4, 2008 6:52 PM


Hey there,

Sounds like much fun is being had :)

Missing you hunners and sending hugs your way!


  Mairi Jul 5, 2008 6:13 PM

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