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This is the end...

VIETNAM | Friday, 11 Jan 2008 | Views [796]

This evening we take to the skies on a 24 hour trip home that will take us from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi for four hours, then thirteen hours airborne towards Paris, where we sit tight for another four hours waiting for our two hour trip back to the ... Read more >

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Ho Chi Minh City

VIETNAM | Monday, 7 Jan 2008 | Views [817]

Where's the sun? Seriously, this is a bit ridiculous. It's 30 degrees, hot and humid, but no sign of the sun, moon, stars or even the sky. You feel the smog on your skin, in your lungs. Maybe it's just down to our mild irritation, a natural consequence ... Read more >

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Dublin Airport at 4:00am

IRELAND | Wednesday, 26 Dec 2007 | Views [665]

The madness of it all. Off we go again, this time taking in three cities rather than the monster trip of the summer. Hanoi first for a couple of days, then Sydney for Kathrina and Barry's wedding, then Ho Chi Minh city. It all starts with a 6:30am flight ... Read more >

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That's all folks

USA | Saturday, 1 Sep 2007 | Views [4373]

Journey's end. After 70 days, 18 hotels, 15 planes, bullet trains, slow trams, busses, taxis, walking, jogging, running, shopping, sightseeing, shouting, roaring, laughing, crying, rental cars, traffic fines, strange food, strange people, lovely people, ... Read more >

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USA | Wednesday, 29 Aug 2007 | Views [425] | Comments [1]

Our fifteenth flight took us from Los Angeles to our eighteenth and final hotel – the magnificent Hilton on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago. Happily, for our final stop, they upgraded us to a room the size of a small town with a nice view down the ... Read more >

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Los Angeles

USA | Sunday, 26 Aug 2007 | Views [478]

We flew for over nine hours through the night to arrive around midday in the City of Angels , where we were greeted by an extremely excited but ultimately very odd border guard. We found our way to the hotel in Beverly Hills, took a bit of a stroll ... Read more >

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Time Travelling

COOK ISLANDS | Saturday, 18 Aug 2007 | Views [542]

Today we're leaving New Zealand after a lovely fortnight, heading for the Cook Islands (you can see our destination's remoteness on the map below) where we'll arrive yesterday after a leap across the virtual and mystical International Date Line . Trippy.... Read more >

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Petrol Prices

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 13 Aug 2007 | Views [648] | Comments [1]

Strange - every single station we passed charged 153.9 cents for a litre of petrol. You'd think that if they were fixing the price they'd bump it up a bit - anyhow, we filled our Toyoto Camry with as much of the stuff we could fit and then set out on ... Read more >

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South Island

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 9 Aug 2007 | Views [426]

New Zealand is comprised of two main islands, understandably named the North Island and the South Island . Separated by the Cook Straits on the surface and the Pacific / Australian plate intersection at a deeper level, the two islands actually ... Read more >

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OZ to NZ

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 5 Aug 2007 | Views [366]

One more early morning, one more flight. This one a short 2.5 hour hop across the Tasman Sea to the land of the Long White Cloud. They call New Zealand the Ireland of the south, and to be quite honest the clouds and mist are reminiscent of home, as is ... Read more >

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AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 25 Jul 2007 | Views [433] | Comments [1]

Firstly, we can't really pronounce this city's name - even the assimilated foreigners (Paddys mainly) pronounce it as Kiiiiins. We recent arrivals call it Kayearns. Bogger style. Secondly, we'll probably never need to say the city's name again, except ... Read more >

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AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 17 Jul 2007 | Views [335]

Took a flight through the night, and a separate journey through the maze of inspections issued by Australian immigration, customs and security - serious stuff, intended to keep out all undesirables, from dodgy fruit to foreign wood (!) to all sorts and ... Read more >

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Hong Kong

HONG KONG | Thursday, 12 Jul 2007 | Views [414] | Comments [1]

Early mornings and airports - in fairness, neither of us were ever meant to have to endure the two together. Regardless, we dragged ourselves out of bed at 5:30 am (yes, such a time really exists) and set forth to the airport ranked as the world's number ... Read more >

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