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Thursday, 17 Jun 2010 | Views [874] | Comments [1]

Apparently I am sharing my house. There is a third bedroom which is locked and I don´t have access to. Since the room is mainly used for storage, everything is game in there. I first noticed my roommate while I was washing the dishes. Something dark ... Read more >

Photos: More

Thursday, 29 Apr 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Beach Clean-up

Thursday, 29 Apr 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Nuevo Amanecer

Thursday, 29 Apr 2010 | Photo Gallery

Women's group
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Thursday, 29 Apr 2010 | Views [503] | Comments [2]

Wow. Less than six months to go, and already I am a bit nostalgic for this country and my experience here without even leaving yet. I think it is because my good friend and fellow volunteer in my site finishes and leaves for the ... Read more >

Photos: Xmas 09

Wednesday, 30 Dec 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Xmas 09

Wednesday, 30 Dec 2009 | Views [446] | Comments [1]

My Christmas day was spent on the road, waiting for a guagua that would take me back home, but being that it was a holiday, the buses were not very regular or timely, like most things in this country. We took a carro publico and little guagua to ... Read more >

Catching up....

Friday, 18 Dec 2009 | Views [499] | Comments [1]

Moved into my new house and it is a definite step up from my old neighborhood. For starters, I have water most of the time and so I don’t have to buy my water off the truck anymore. But, I still store water in about 4 different large tanks for when ... Read more >

Gallery: Picking grapes

Tuesday, 27 Oct 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Capitol trip

Tuesday, 27 Oct 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Picking grapes.

Tuesday, 27 Oct 2009 | Views [961] | Comments [1]

Last Wednesday marked a year for being in my site. No big celebrations, just mentioned to my host family that I’ve known them now officially for a whole year. Then I bought my stuff in their colmado and I lugged all of it back to my house. Thankfully ... Read more >

Moving out and up

Tuesday, 20 Oct 2009 | Views [502] | Comments [3]

Funny how it took me five months to finally post pictures of my house, (nicely decorating it with some family pictures) and now within a month I am moving. I hate to leave this house, despite the lack of water and the (sometimes, depending on the heat) ... Read more >

Gallery: Mi casa

Tuesday, 29 Sep 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Tuesday, 29 Sep 2009 | Views [436] | Comments [1]

I have finally added more pictures....it is nice to have higher speed internet. Lately the internet has been so bad, the rain messes with the signal, the luz messes with the computers, basically the connection usually s-u-c-k-s. Anyways, I loaded a ... Read more >

Gallery: South

Tuesday, 29 Sep 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Friday, 21 Aug 2009 | Views [341] | Comments [4]

One year in country, and what a year it has been. Looking back, I would´nt change any of the experiences, no matter how hard or frustrating it has been. Sometimes I feel as if this trip has aged me 5 years. Just one year and three more months to go - ... Read more >

Gallery: Rio 8-09

Friday, 21 Aug 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Stormy lonely night.

Saturday, 15 Aug 2009 | Views [354] | Comments [1]

Crazy stormy night last night. Lightning lit up the sky so bright it felt as if it was coming into my house, and thunder so loud it sounded as if it was right above my head. Of course, there was no luz and so it made my Thursday night sitting in the dark ... Read more >


Friday, 14 Aug 2009 | Views [688] | Comments [1]

Chisme. I need to back track a couple of months on my chisme.....I did find a place to live, and so my new two bedroom house and indoor bathroom is about a 10-15 walk outside of the middle of town, but I love my barrio. Not many people do – when I tell ... Read more >

Gallery: Beach time.

Wednesday, 5 Aug 2009 | Photo Gallery

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