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INDIA | Wednesday, 7 March 2007 | Views [781]

Cool Mausoleum, Delhi

Cool Mausoleum, Delhi

Holy cow!! Absolutely incredible. Just love this place and its craziness. Arrived to near death taxi ride - crazy overtaking on both sides of the road, horns blasting everywhere. Seems to be that loudest horn gets right of way. Not surprising that every other car has been pranged.

Awoke to find everything closed and banned from leaving the hotel for our own safety. Welcome to holi festival.

Managed to sneak out of the hotel without the manager seeing us. Wow. No wonder they didn't want us on the streets. Imagine the Wildfoods festival, as much alcohol, and more marijuana laced with datura as a drink. And add coloured powder to the mix, with the aim of chucking it over everything that moves.

Needless to say, we weren't quite prepared for this day in our nice clean clothes and freshly washed hair. So we visited old forts etc and came back covered in pretty pink paint powder.

Cleaned up and ventured out once it was deemed 'safe.' And we got hit again - green this time. Tant pis. Welcome to India you little white kiwis. We got the message - there will be no blending in to crowds of any kind. We are just too white and conspicuous!!!

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