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ITALY | Sunday, 19 August 2007 | Views [665] | Comments [3]

After 5 weeks in China, I was ready to get home. I was really 'romesick'  Well, it was a mix of wanting to leave and wanting to be at home to lounge around on the couch and do nothing.  I arrived home safe and sound a week ago. Once again, I went through the typical airport scene—running to my gate, getting liquids sequestered from my carry-on, waiting forever in lines and my favorite, spending lots of time in the bathroom with diarrhea. I don't think I am nervous when I fly but nature says something different.

Thankfully, it was an uneventful journey from Wuhan-Beijing- Rome. The event started when I arrived home to a broken hot water tank. Normally, you could just call a plumber but . . . Not in Rome . . .Not in August . . . and especially Not the week of August 15 (Ferragosto)

So I went to bed tired and dirty thinking that I could take a shower at work the next morning. That would have been perfect if I hadn't woken up the next morn with a killer cold and sore throat. I managed to make it to work but not into the shower. The cold and sore throat got worse, adding stomache problems and laryngitis to the mix. I was happy that Wednesday was a national holiday. I stayed home and slept in between episodes of Will & Grace (man, am I glad I bought those!).

I managed to get to work Thurs and Fri but was home by 1:30 pm on the couch with W & G.  While in China this is what I had in mind--kind of.  I longed for the couch and vegging but I didn't dream of the accompanying ailments.  It goes to show you--be careful of what you wish for! 

The pattern was interrupted yesterday. I felt good enough to actually go out –and not just for work.  I am on the mend.

So, I have been home for a week (and yet to unpack) and I am thrilled to be back in the eternal city even if it is plumber-less and I am taking cold showers. . .

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what a welcome home that was. i hope you bought yourself some propolis cough drops to soothe your throat. the dropr you gave me when i left really helped.

sorry aobut the water heater. consider your cold showers your owen version of AC.

take care. glad you are back safe and sound anyway

  sharon Aug 20, 2007 2:35 AM


Dear Carol,

If you think you had problems when you arrived home, let me tell you about mine!
1) While going from Cortina to Croatia on July 31 in our camper, my elder daughter calls to advise our new boiler not working (Riello, not yet a year old & expensive!). She called the guy who installed it (around the corner from our apt. so we'd get good, fast service...!)& he came a day or two later, saying the workers repainting our bldg. stopped up the tube with detritis & he'd have to take it apart to fix. He neither kept the app't. he made with Jordana nor answered his phone nor called back. Upshot: we returned from a long trip from Croatia to Rome on Fri. to a still unrepaired boiler & had to shower at my mother-in-law's!

While returning in our camper from this otherwise lovely, relaxing vacation, our 17-year old camper, apparently tired of shlepping us around all these years, decided it didn't like the reverse gear & refused to enter it! Then, it decided that all the gears need renewing so we wound up having to maintain the 4th gear & considered ourselves very lucky indeed to have made it to our "rimessaggio"!

And that's not all, folks. My wonderful, Pininfarina-designed Fiat coupé, which I love almost more than my husband, decided that it was tired of waiting for me to let it roar & we found a deflated tire on our return.

Due to the work on the bldg., which has started in the inner courtyard on which our kitchen & my bathroom front, I found so much dust I could've started to package & sell it, so I spent Fri. night & Sat. morning cleaning, doing washes & finally unpacking.

On my return to the office for the first time, I found:
1) air-cond. on the blink
2) electricity problems so couldn't start my pc
3) cleaning people had dropped my phone so I was isolated for a while till I finally got it to work
4) when finally connected to pc thru help of colleague, found 93 messages, the majority advertising sex in various forms, viagra, & the like! It took the better part of an hour to erase them all.

Look forward to getting together to hear more about your impressions of China. Must run now & hope you're feeling better!


  Marlene Deutsch Aug 20, 2007 7:33 PM


me, got back to rome on monday. ended up calling for a taxi service to get me at the airport. very good move - no more thieves stealing my keys from now on..

oh so sorry to hear about you coming back to being sick. which is much much worse in the heat of august. wow - sorry about that.
for some reason - i didnt shower until the next day myself - very odd...oddly for me..while i had been up for what seemed like an eternity...didnt feel gross and slimy ...and i liked my smell and didnt want to shower - so odd...
- havent ventured out yet... dont know what i am waiting for . motivation i suppose... certainly do not want to go anywhere and do not want to necessarily see anyone either.

  debbie Aug 31, 2007 2:22 AM

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