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CHINA | Tuesday, 31 July 2007 | Views [579] | Comments [4]

the dumplings!

the dumplings!

It's good even if most the time I am not sure what it is I am eating. Ok, the fact that I don't have to go the store, haul groceries home, cook dinner and then wash dishes afterwards does not change the fact that the food is tasty. These aspects only help me enjoy my meals even more.

The hotel provides 3 squares a day buffet style with both hot and cold tables. At first it was funny to find these small bread plates at the head of the table. Now, it seems so normal to eat meals off of them. The meal times here are similar to the U.S. In Rome at 5:30, I would still be working or meeting for a drink, not dinner-- but after 3 weeks here, I am now used to it. In fact, in Italy, you can't even find a restaurant open at that time. Chinese eating places are open all day long and til 9ish.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner all include tons of vegetables—usually mixed with something else. That something is what I am usually ignorant about. Lots of noodles, soups, tofu and of course, rice.

When I was in Beijing (ie Peking), I tried Peking Duck for the first time. It was tasty—probably because it was so fatty. I doubt, though, that I would ever order it again. Another first time food is fresh litchi Yum. Those are good. So much better than the canned ones.

One eve a group of us went out for dumplings which is the Chinese version of ravioli. I think, however, that the Chinese are more adventurous than gli italiani. There are so many different types. We ordered about 4 kinds --egg & tomato, pork, mushrooms and shrimp—plus a few other things. The 9 of us walked out of there stuffed (just like the dumplings!) The bill: 200 RMB or just 20 Euro or $30!

The Chinese might have the dumplings down but they can't beat the Italians for desserts. Oddly enough, I usually lament that the Italian sweets are not sweet enough. But I will take tiramisu or panna cotta any day of the week over any of the Chinese desserts I have tried. Actually, they don't seem to be big into desserts. Sure, there are bakeries but the dumpling restaurant didn't even have desserts on the menu...they didn't have bottled water or soft drinks either for that matter.

When I ordered water to drink, they brought warm boiled water.. And no, there wasn't any tea in it. That I learned is the norm. I actually don't like cold water and prefer it room temperature but I draw the line there. Fortunately the students I was with went out and bought bottled water, coke and dessert and brought it all back to the restaurant. Now, that is a real difference! 

and btw, no fortune cookies to be found. . .

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Enjoying some good giggles with each story Carol. Keep them coming. mao

  Mary Anne Aug 2, 2007 12:58 PM


Hi Carol,
Oh, I can just imagine how wonderful the dumpling are. they are one of my favorites. I loved seeing the photos of all the food. How great that you get all 3 meals prepared for you. Must be the hotel is close to the university.

Keep writing. and by my standards panna cotta is the best dessert ever!

Enjoy cara

  sharon Aug 4, 2007 11:34 AM


my mouth is watering! carla

  carla Aug 9, 2007 10:20 AM


KUncle Joe, Aunt Ro and I are enjoying your travelogue. Thanks for including us.

  Gene E. Apple Aug 10, 2007 10:27 AM

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