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An Outward Bound Pilgrimage

SPAIN | Friday, 12 June 2009 | Views [334] | Comments [2]

Today (11 June 09)was my first day of walking and fortunately, the sun was out and the sky was blue.  I started in Sarria. Twenty three kilometers later, I was in Portomarin.

At first I was kind of nervous about what I was doing and where I was going.  I barely walked 5 minutes and saw another pilgrim, then another, then a group of cyclists, then a group of Spanish kids, then... You get the picture. Lots of walkers and cyclists were on the Way this morning.

As I walked, GREEN and LUSH are the two adjectives that continually sprang to mind. Galicia is beautiful and unspoiled... Well, unspoiled is the impression on the Camino.  A lot of today's trek was among rural farm land with farms few and far between.

There were patches of mud due to yesterday's constant rainfall. So, I was extra careful trying not to slip and slide--and trying to step where there was less mud. The "fun" part came as I walked uphill and upstream.  Ok, the water wasn't that deep, not that I would drown or anything. I still had 3 hours of walking to go and I didn't want to do it with wet shoes,socks and feet.  Trying to "jump" from stone to stone (and not doing a very good job of it), I finally relented and just walked through the water.  Keeping my footing on the pebbles, stones, uneven ground and mud etc, I laughed aloud thinking this is my "outward bound" pilgrimage.  Do those adventure weekends still exist? 

The other outward bound moment on my adventure pilgrimage was when I was running with the bulls. Well, not running, but sidestepping, not bulls but cows, sheep, dogs and one bull and not in Pamplona..but still in Spain!

Walking along I saw a herd of cattle ahead of me. Thinking they wouldn't be on my same path, I caught up to snap a few pics. (Of course, that is right when the camera decided to stop working. Drat!) I was wrong. They were on my same path..and the path wasn't that wide. I lagged behind hoping the herd/flock/pack?? would veer off but no such doing. Finally, I decided I had to pass them.. . and that meant walking amongst, between and beside them.

I had never been so close to cows before. I was so close that as one of them pooped, it's business splashed on my shoes and pant leg.

I made it to Portomarin safe and sound and soiled at 1:30ish.  I am wondering if tomorrow it will be a 'regular' pilgrimage or an 'adventure' one. .  . stay tuned.

(Sidebar: I am not an animal lover)



As I was reading your entry, what crossed my mind first was that you do not like animals!! And that is exactly what you said in your last line! ha ha

  Ann Marie Jun 14, 2009 5:06 AM


What? An Ohio gal not being close to cows??? Ha ha ha....

  Lisa Tucci Jun 15, 2009 4:00 AM

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