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World Trip 2011

Baja Sur, Mexico

MEXICO | Thursday, 30 June 2011 | Views [451]

So we left Punta Abreajos and decided to head south to the legendary Scorpion Bay. There are 3 different ways there but due to the fact that we dont have a 4wd we had to take the long way around through Mulege and Loreto. Both are really nice towns on the eastern side of Baja, on the Sea of Cortez. So hot though. We didnt sleep much that night that's for sure. We continued on to our destination the next day via the second worse road I have ever been on. It is a dead straight road that is riddled with Mexican style potholes, we practically were at walking pace for hours. But then, we turn izquerda (left) onto THE worst road I have ever been on. Through dry creek crossings, heavy rock gardens and sand traps that continued for over 40kms. At one stage Danielle turned to me and said, "you really are a hardcore surfer to want this so bad". I had to get her to repeat it though cause my brain was being rattled by the brutal corregation. It gets better.... We came over one sand dune and saw what, at first we thought was a mirage. A paved road ahead. We seriosly couldnt believe it. When we got to it we saw that it not only went directly to our destination but continued back in the same direction we had just came! The road had just been finished this year and wasnt shown on any of our maps! We didnt even have to take both of those shitty roads! Anyway,(sigh), we arrived at Scorpion Bay to find that it is indeed a great set up. It's a long point break with 4 different sections to surf that are all at least 300m long. However, although it is probably the most isolated spot I've ever been to, the Americans have known about it for some time and have bought up most of the area. Not exactly a secret spot. We spent the next 5 days getting up at sunrise to beat the crowd and surfing perfect 4ft right handers at 3rd reef all to ourselves. The 3rd reef is the stuff of legends. (It stars in an old movie called Storm Riders.) Its sort of like Salmon hole and the Superbank mixed together. At around 9am the crowd awoke and it got a little crazy, but the surf was pumping all day. Eating fish tacos, surfing till my arms nearly drop off, never knowing what time, day or date it is, living between swells. Livin the dream.
Needless to say that when we left Scorpion Bay we took the paved road all the way out which was much easier. Not easy, but easier. The roads in Mexico are something else. Potholes, no shoulders, no signs, half the road washed away, cattle, military, banditoes, tequiliad out truck drivers. You really have to concentrate. We limped all the way through La Paz then onto Todos Santos. (This part of the trip claimed both our back tyres of which we had to get replaced when got to Cabo San Lucas). Todos Santos is were the infamous 'Hotel California' is, of The Eagles. We couldn't stay there though, too expensive. Its a nice town and was worth the two nights we stayed. We surfed a little place called Los Cerritas on the way down to Cabo San Lucas which was fun. Cabo was a let down for me, a little like Kuta in Bali. I am writing this from another one of our crappy hotels that we have stayed in. This time in San Jose del Cabo. Nice town though. We plan on surfing a few waves down in the corridor then getting back to La Paz to get the ferry to the mainland. Adios Amigos.


So after our night in San Jose Del Cabo, we left the air conditioning behind and spent a couple of smoking hot and sticky days and nights at 9 Palms. This is a spot to go to if you love off roading or think that you no longer need suspension in your vehicle.  It was bumpy to say the least and took nearly an hour each way.  Beautiful, certainly.  Surfable, only just. Better for those who brought their long boards.  But there were other campers around, a good vibe out on the water, and we managed not to spend any money. We even got away with not getting stuck in the sand! This morning we left 9 Palms and wildly enough, there were clouds in the sky...real clouds!  It didn't get hot until later in the day than usual.  It took longer than we thought to get back to La Paz but we made it with some drama though along the way. While D was driving, we got pulled over by the cops.  I know what you're thinking..."what did they do wrong?!"  That was the frustrating part, nothing.  It seemed we were doomed from the moment they saw us.  We were cruising, I mean like 40km/hour, through the city. And here, the green light starts to flash before it turns yellow, then it goes red.  Well, this prick cop had it in him to accuse Danielle of running a red light when no joke, it was flashing green when we cruised through the intersection. That is when we knew there was not much we could do. D was seeing red when the cop let us know the fine would be 1,100 pesos!!! ($100)  And we still felt screwed when we paid $60 to get away from them.  I guess it could have been worse but it really does suck to know that corruption is so abundant.  It probably won't be the last time, if it happens again we hope to pay less at the very least but, what can we say.  This is Mexico.  We are currently waiting for our ferry ride to the mainland, we will be there before sunrise seeking out more adventures and waves!  Happy Canada Day! 

P.S. Thanks for keeping up with our journal, we really appreciate it. We have now had well over 1000 views!

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