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In Perth & round about

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 24 July 2005 | Views [556]

ive been in perth for maybe a week now, so ive had a good look round the
city, and went out to rottnest island for 3 days too. we managed to get
a pretty quiet time out there - during the week & after the local school
holidays. there werent even many other backpackers around. almost too
quiet really. but anyway it was a fun few days! i went with ross & alec
that i'd driven across from adelaide with. im pretty sure we explored
the whole island, just biking around and doing a bit of snorkeling (in
the middle of winter!! Yay!). the water was about 17deg i tihnk, so warm
enuf to stay in for a while without a wetsuit, just swimming around with
the fishies :) there werent all that many weird colourful fish around
like you'd get on the coral reefs, but still a few different ones, and
they werent too scared of people either :)

There were alot of little bays around the island - some exposed to the
wind & surf and others nicely sheltered away, ideal for snorkeling :)
we stopped at one beach that had a conviniently placed rock at one end,
next to a bit of deep water (well, just deep enough). so i had to play
there for a bit diving off into the waves :)

oh, and i have to mention the quokkas too - the local creatures that the
island was originally named after (some dutchman thought they were rats
apparently - so 'rott'... rottnest). i guess thayre a bit ratt-like, but
theyre really just odd in the way that most aussie animals seem to be ;)
when we got back from rottnest island we stopped in fremantle for the
night & went to the local brewery/restaurant ('little creatures') for
some nourishment :) i had to laugh a bit at the size of the mussels they
served tho - less than half the size of the kiwi ones! hah!! but the
chilli sauce that came with them sort of made up for that :) and the
pizza, and the beer :)

freemantle (aka 'Freo') seemed like a pretty chilled out little place -
lots of cafes and old buildings and backpackers. mite have to go spend
some more time out there...
we'l see what happens i guess

ive caught up with a few people in the last couple of days too - i guess
some of you will know who im talking about - Matt Hamilton that i used
to go to uni with (now married with child!) and Dad's cousin Raywin &
her family :)

Cool to find some people like that when youre a long way from home :)

ok that's all

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