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My photo contest submissions To me travel photography has been my passion through which I want to convey the "sense of place".

My Scholarship entry - My Travel Photography Contest Entries 2014

India | Friday, 14 November 2014 | 5 photos

"The World is a book and we read only a few pages." This is true in every sense of travel & its Photography. While traveling for long/short distances, it is always desirable for me to know the people and their stories before taking out my gear from my bag. India is a very colorful and rich in its festivals, cultures, traditions which I am exploring in recent years. I meet the people to become friendly so they can surface their spirit of cultures. Some of these cultures are vanishing due to rapid urbanization and lack of common aspirations in the communities. To me exploring unknown places with local inhabitants is as important as recording my shots. Each time, I am surprised to gather memories which form my basis of taking travel photography in a different way. In this Journal what I intend to show about a nearly lost cultures/traditions which is known as "Bandhna" in Purulia, India. The literal meaning of "Bandhna" is worshiping cattle during the month of early November when the harvest is over. Lots of activities are performed and related with this celebrations. Wall paintings, hand made artwork on earthen floors, weaving baskets are parts & parcel of "Bandhna". But one can find a very few traces of Bandhna Celebrations across the country in tribal population due to some known reasons such as rapid urbanization etc.

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