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My photo contest submissions To me travel photography has been my passion through which I want to convey the "sense of place".

My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

India | Saturday, 22 October 2011 | 5 photos

To me Photography is a language of expressing the real life experience of this world. I love and try to capture creative photography to express my country's rituals, people and their living, their customs, traditions and finally their daily struggle. Noteworthy I am in very much favour of stright photography.

During my short visit to a small tribal village "Dwaronda" near Shantinikatan (The place of RabindraNath Tagore), I was able to interact with the tribe called 'Santhal' in the village. The fascinating thing of this village is that the women folk of the village is primarily engaged to earn their daily bread and butter. They engage mainly in doing handicrafts, handmade articles which they sell to the local weekly market. They are happy with their very low standard of living. I was surprised to explore their basic needs to such a minimum level. I was happy with their hospitality to me.

The story of that tribal village "Dwaronda" depicts the livings of many Indian tribal villages which are still in distressed and in dismal condition.Especially we talk about women empowerment all over the world. Their upliftment as well as development are badly needed. My photo-essay is to create the awareness among the people of all over the world so that the agony and struggle of such tribal people may be relieved in a significant way.

Finally if I am entrusted with such assignment, I will definitely be able to deliver my best possible efforts. I believe that my captured images can tell a story. With that belief, I would be able to represent the livings, struggles and daily activities of such racial, cultural groups and people of any part of the world in a creative way - by the "language of photography".

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