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CHINA 3 Months In China, March-June 2008


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"Home" as an Integrated Concept

Tuesday, 22 Apr 2008 | Views [284]

We saw no Westerners on the train from Xi'an, Shaanxi to Zhongwei, Ningxia.  Yesterday we saw no Westerners in or around Zhongwei.  The further I get from Western influence--the more Chinese my China gets--the better I feel.  Like I am getting closer ... Read more >

Things You Don't See Department: Fences

Monday, 21 Apr 2008 | Views [354]

When I was akid we played a game that might have been calkled, "Hide-In-Plain-View."  An object was chosen, and everyone left the room except the person doing the "hiding."  The object had to be "hidden" in plain view.  ... Read more >

Only In China Department: Palestine

Sunday, 20 Apr 2008 | Views [218]

Only In China Department: Embassy of the State of Palestine

Affirmative Action

Sunday, 20 Apr 2008 | Views [316]

China has affirmative action, and just as in the US, it causes resentments.  Minorities will be accepted to universities with lower grades than Han Chinese, for example.  The resentment carries over into other areas.  "Year after year we pour money ... Read more >

"Crap" on the Menu

Sunday, 20 Apr 2008 | Views [267]

The first selection in the fish section of the menu is "Crap."  Is it crab?  Carp?  Crappie?  I order the eggplant.

Xi'an--First Impression

Sunday, 20 Apr 2008 | Views [339]

Compared to Beijing, Xi'an is a bicycle-free zone.  And bike repairmen don't sprout like mushrooms every morning.  Nor are there newspaper stands at every corner.  It is greener in Mid-April, cleaner, and much more pleasant to walk.  Better in every way, ... Read more >

On Honking

Sunday, 13 Apr 2008 | Views [349]

Horn honking is a way of life in China.  But it is utterly emotionless.  There is no rage associated with it.  Neither is there ever a response to the horn.  No one takes anything you do on the road personally.  No one appears to even hear the horns.  Never ... Read more >

WDITOT Department: Indian Doctors

Friday, 11 Apr 2008 | Views [326]

On the Indian doctor drain: "We desperately need our brains to be contained in our own heads to maintain a momentum of development." --Dr. Lue Jie, Public Affairs Administration and Health Economics Specialist. Keep our brains in our heads?  ... Read more >

Elsewhere In Asia Department: Indian Doctors

Friday, 11 Apr 2008 | Views [284]

There is one Indian doctor in the US for every 1,325 Americans.  However, there is only one Indian doctor for more than 2,400 Indians. --China Daily News

On Chinese Young People

Friday, 11 Apr 2008 | Views [335]

Chinese kids are friendly, patient, attentive, helpful and tolerant.  They don't spray paint stupid monikers in public places.  They don't impose their musical tastes on you from static-thumping vehicular serenity annihilators.  They are happy with the ... Read more >

Dead Soldiers & KFC

Thursday, 10 Apr 2008 | Views [350]

A WWII vet once told me that after a battle, you could have walked from one end of the field to the other without touching the ground, walking on bodies. After Mount St. Helens blew I walked from one mountain to another without touching the ground, ... Read more >

On Tibet

Wednesday, 9 Apr 2008 | Views [318]

Tibet was part of China when Columbus was just a smile on his Papa's face. It is far too early for me to form an opinion on "freeing" Tibet--I haven't even been there yet--but I can and do question the wisdom of basing one's opinions on what ... Read more >

WDITOT Department: Panda Mating

Wednesday, 9 Apr 2008 | Views [332]

Panda pornography has been used to encourage lazy pandas to have sex but now a fresh routine is keeping the threatened species alive.  Young male pandas are now taking part in a rigorous "sexercise" program. "We use apples to lure male ... Read more >

What I'd Give to See Something Like That Department: Tigers

Monday, 7 Apr 2008 | Views [317]

Reporters Stranded As Tigers Close In A press junket nearly ended in disaster when a vehicle taking 10 journalists on a tiger safari tour caught fire at the Jiufeng Forestry Wildlife Park in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, on Wednesday. The journalists ... Read more >

Only In China Department: It Pays to be Killed by a Tractor

Monday, 7 Apr 2008 | Views [325]

YUNNAN Tractor Toll Up To 13 The number of people killed following an accident involving a tractor overturning in Yunnan province on Sunday has risen to 13, eight of whom were students, after two more people died in the hospital overnight, local ... Read more >

Only In China Department: Suicide Pact

Monday, 7 Apr 2008 | Views [310]

WOMAN MUST PAY AFTER PULLING OUT OF SUICIDE BID Leng Mincui, a farmer in Yunyang county, Henan province, promised Liu Minglan that she would commit suicide with her, but then survived the attempt.  To punish her for her misdeed, a court recently ordered ... Read more >

My English Is Enough Good

Sunday, 6 Apr 2008 | Views [321]

She said she wanted to give me a Chinese lesson if I bought her something to drink.  It's a common scam--the "Teahouse Scam"--where you get stuck with a huge bill and are intimidated into paying.  (Don't pay.  They don't want police involvement.... Read more >

Kernfucious Say: Dimes to Dollars

Saturday, 5 Apr 2008 | Views [257]

Buying Chinese goods in China like buying dollars with dimes.

Responsible Editor

Saturday, 5 Apr 2008 | Views [443]

On the last page of my new Atlas of China, it lists, among other personages: RESPONSIBLE EDITOR--Di Xiangping. You'll never see THAT term in an American book. It would be edited out.

Dancing Bear

Saturday, 5 Apr 2008 | Views [216]

It is grand to live in a land where Bicycle is King.  And to prove it, Disney Beijing has an exhibit almost ready to open: Stalin's and Mao's formaldehyde-preserved bodies riding bicycles in circles around a dancing Panda.  They're just waiting on Castro.... Read more >

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