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Trip: Middle East Trek

There are [16] stories from my trip: Middle East Trek

Home Sweet Home

USA | Saturday, 6 Dec 2008 | Views [436]

Just wanted to let everyone know that after a 60-hour journey, sleeping on trains, buses, and airplanes (and in the Athens Airport), Marshall and I are back in Seattle. It feels really good to be home.  Hope to see everyone really soon! And thanks ... Read more >

Homeward Bound (p.s. I love that movie)

GREECE | Wednesday, 3 Dec 2008 | Views [893]

Last night in Instanbul Marshall and I said our good-byes to our travel buddies, Megan and Monica (5 weeks together!) and clambered into a sleeper train headed towards Thessaloniki where we are currently waiting for another train to take us to Athens.... Read more >


TURKEY | Tuesday, 2 Dec 2008 | Views [711]

It's safe to say that İstanbul is my favorite city I have ever visited overseas (though Barcelona is a close second). Marshall and I arrived here two mornings a go after taking an overnight, 14-hour bus ride from Kaş. The first two nights we crashed ... Read more >

Tags: aya sofya, couchsurfing, instanbul, topkapi palace

Top 10 Cities

GREECE | Monday, 1 Dec 2008 | Views [721]

Top 10 Cities/Towns visited this trip*: 1) Istanbul, Turkey 2) Cairo, Egypt 3)Damascus, Syria 4)Petra, Jordan 5)Goerme, Turkey 6)Aleppo, Syria 7)Nafplio\Tolo, Greece 8)Kaş, Turkey 9)Nubian Village, Aswan, Egypt 10) Madaba, Jordan *order and ... Read more >

Happy Thanksgiving

TURKEY | Friday, 28 Nov 2008 | Views [3999]

So my first blog crashed so here we go again... Hello from Kaş, Turkey. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. You were all missed. Backing up a few days.... Nov 16th: Crossed the Syrian/Turkey border in a vehicle smuggling duty-free booze into ... Read more >

Tags: cappadocia, ihlara valley, kas, olympos, thanksgiving, turkey

Stıll trekkıng

TURKEY | Tuesday, 25 Nov 2008 | Views [578] | Comments [3]

Hello all! Thank you for all your wonderful comments and emaıls! Helps wıth the homesickness. All is well in Olympos Turkey (the keyboards are funky so excuse the spellıng and grammer mıstakes). Will write loads more once I have more time. But ın a ... Read more >


JORDAN | Sunday, 16 Nov 2008 | Views [791] | Comments [1]

Thanks to everyone reading our blog. It's reassuring to know that people care about what we're up to :) Helps with the homesickness a little too. Speaking of homesickness, there are specifics things I find myself missing about the U.S. and the Pacific ... Read more >

Tags: coffee, homesick, women

Syria in a Nutshell

SYRIA | Saturday, 15 Nov 2008 | Views [2122]

Greetings from Aleppo! Just a brief update seeing that the computers here are prehistoric. First off, Syria is quite lovely. The people are EXTREMELY nice and go way out of their way to show hospitality. Bananas, cookies, falafels, and pancakes are ... Read more >

Tags: damascus, krac des chevaliers, syria


EGYPT | Tuesday, 11 Nov 2008 | Views [774] | Comments [3]

OK! Sorry for the delay with posting, finding a reliable internet cafe has been a bit difficult. The government firewall here in Syria makes it a bit difficult to connect to sites we want (including Facebook for some reason). The last time we wrote, ... Read more >

The pyramids and southern Egpyt

EGYPT | Wednesday, 5 Nov 2008 | Views [863] | Comments [2]

So sorry we've been out of touch. A lot has been happening in regions sparse of Internet. Quick rundown... Oct 27th: Saw the pyramids and the sphinx. I even got to go inside one of the them! Very impressive. I have some awesome pictures because our ... Read more >

Tags: aswan, camel rides, feluccas, luxor, pyramids

Cairo again!

EGYPT | Saturday, 1 Nov 2008 | Views [655]

OK! So looking at the last blog entry for where we left off... ah, the White Desert. Well, quite a lot has happened since then, so let's get to it before our time at the internet cafe runs out. I'll gloss over a bit, as I am going to try and cover ... Read more >

White Desert

EGYPT | Tuesday, 28 Oct 2008 | Views [2244] | Comments [3]

Hello everyone from Aswan, Egypt's southern most city! But first, let me back up a few days... Oct 24th: Today, the four of us headed out to the White Desert! Monica, after watching the desert section of Planet Earth, booked us a tour with a seemingly ... Read more >

Tags: bahariya, black desert, white desert


EGYPT | Thursday, 23 Oct 2008 | Views [2261] | Comments [3]

Cairo is a loud, HUGE, rambuncticous, dirty, old, hustling, crowded (17.8 million people in the metropolitan area), amazing city. And we have fallen in love with this place. First off, we are safe and sound after a harrowing taxi ride into the ... Read more >

Tags: cairo, egypt, market, minaret

The Beach Life!

GREECE | Monday, 20 Oct 2008 | Views [709] | Comments [3]

Just a quick update... After surviving a Florida-like torrential downpour that partially flooded the streets of Athens, we are back at our hostel waiting for our flight tomorrow to Cairo. The last few days have been nothing short of relaxing, with ... Read more >


GREECE | Thursday, 16 Oct 2008 | Views [4547] | Comments [1]

So after a power outage at the internet cafe killed the first draft of this entry, here we go again! On our second day in Athens, we did all of the "touristy" things, such as visiting the Acropolis/Parthenon, the Temple of Zeus, the ... Read more >

Tags: athens, beach, bungalow, greece, nafplio, tolo

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