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JORDAN | Sunday, 16 November 2008 | Views [799] | Comments [1]

Thanks to everyone reading our blog. It's reassuring to know that people care about what we're up to :) Helps with the homesickness a little too.

Speaking of homesickness, there are specifics things I find myself missing about the U.S. and the Pacific Northwest...

-WOMEN AS EQUALS: In the US, women complain about sexism but it's not even remotely comparable to what goes on in the Middle East. Granted, it's a different culture and I try to respect it, but it's just weird and a tad bit disturbing that there are only a handful of women out on the streets at night (and never w/o a man). The men do the working, even the bra shops, talking, eating, and drinking it seems. Rarely do I see women in coffee shops (and that's in liberal towns too, like Cairo) and most women dress very conservatively. There are lots of full burkas, including a face screen so not even the eyes are showing (reminds me of ring-wraiths from Lord of the Rings). And I hate the attention I get being a western woman. Walking down the street by myself, or even with the girls sans Marshall is a very different experience than if he is with me. It will be sooo nice to walk down the streets without being harassed (oh and harassment comes in several different forms, meowing, hissing, whistling, slurping noises, staring, stalkings, unwanted conversations, and even the extreme occasional touching. Ugh!)

-COFFEE: Everyone over here drinks freaking Nescafe "coffee". I miss a good roast and a strong batch of real coffee...two-sip poo-poo strength please.

-SUPERMAKETS: With one exception in Jordan, supermarkets are non-existent. To get daily needs in the Middle East, one must shop at a variety of locations, scattered through the city in souqs, specific stores, and must bargain everywhere (other wise, pay an outstanding price!)

-CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES: I don't know why, but I want one sooooo bad. And am unable to find one.

-FALL: The fall season is my favorite, the colors, the cripsness of the air, the holidays.

-CEREAL: When/if we find cereal, and only cornflakes which has been twice, the milk is hot and the bowls far too small. Can not wait for a heaping bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats smothered in COLD, FRESH milk. Or a piping hot meal of oatmeal or 7 grain ceral.

-NON-CENSORED FAST INTERNET: The internet here is SLOW. Normally if I try to open more than 3 pages, the entire computer freaks out and crashes. Currently, I have a fast computer and connection but the internet is censored (e.g., no bbc, facebook, blogspot, youtube)

-SANE DRIVERS: The drivers here race across town at top speeds, pass at the most inapporatite time (hey, here's a corner going uphill with a steep cliff on one side and no shoulder on the other, NOW is the time to pass), and honk at even the most minor annoyance or just because they haven't honked in say 5 seconds. Crossing the street is always a fun real life game of frogger. Transportation is the biggest threat to my life in the Middle East.


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Here's to a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with cold milk, a fresh cup of brewed coffee, and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert... all on your return.

Maybe you will find some of the above in Turkey!

Glad the travels continue to go safely and that you've seen and are seeing so many amazing things!

Thanks for the updates as permitted by sketchy internet service.

  Drew (Marshall's Dad) Nov 20, 2008 6:31 AM

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