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THE world trip his journal is to let all those i know and care about (hello!) get a little bit more info about what im doing, and where. Also, its a gesture to calm my poor mums nerves whilst her first born child explores the big wide world. Hopefully it wont back fire

Genuine Oz Experience: part one

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 8 May 2007 | Views [618]

Well, we made it to Oz! It has to be said that Oz was not my main target destination in this whole tour; perhaps i had preconcieved ideas that it would be really british, and a bit hot and dusty and dull.....How wrong i was!

First stop was Adelaide- most people who we spoke to before this stop wondered why on earth were we going there first, why not go straight to Melbourne or Sydney- truth be told, the ticket to there was cheaper, but i like to think that it gave us a wider cultural experience of Oz, a bit more off the tourist trail!( feel how cultured i am!) Adelaide was actually a really lovely city- quite quiet and laid back, but it was a good introduction to the country. The same cannot be said for the 'Tattersalls' hostel we stayed in; it looked like it should have been the set of Hitchcock horror film, with its peeling decor, mouldy beds, sticky carpets and dingy halls. Not being precious, but i was rather pleased when we escaped that place and headed on our why to Melbourne! We got the overnight bus there, and it really gave some scope as to how vast this country is; the bus took 12 hours to get there, and Melbourne is the next big city close to Adelaide.

I wasnt really fussed about Melbourne- the gallery and museums are wicked, as was the Queen Victoria open air market that was just behind our hostel, but apart from that, i found it a bit miserable ( this was possibly to do with the rain, and a bout of sickness on my behalf), but it more than made up for itself through the following things- free Champagne for the ladies in the hostel bar, nice! AND..........the neighbours tour!!!An unmissable highlight for any Oz trip, and we met one of the old cast, 'Darcy' the doctor, Carls nemisis!! He provided entertainment for many a wet student afternoon!!

   Apart from that, i left Melbourne with a take it or leave attitude to Oz. That was until, 15 hours of over night bus journey later, we arrived in Sydney! I loved that city!!It was so hectic, and cool, and the opera house and harbour bridge were just unbelievable!!! I was in awe- we stayed there for 4 days, and i left there on a proper high!! And what more fitting way to leave Sydney, than to leave public transport behind, and hop into our own camper van! Its brilliant!! We've got so much more freedom!

The plan is to work our way up the caost- we are at the north coast now ( even though we are actually on the east coast), and then carry on up through the Gold Coast. We stayed one night at a camp site in Newcastle, then a night at Coffs Harbour, which were both pretty, with nice beaches etc, but we are definately in my favouritre plave now; Byron Bay! Its hippy and surfer heaven, i love it! we spent the day on the beach yesterday, asnd then went out last night. The beach is great, the night life a bit backwards, but we are in a bubble here and its still fun, and we did get drenched in a torrential down pour on our long walk home last night, but its all good!! the sun is back out, and we are going back to the beach! Also had our first barbie last night, so really in the spirit of things now!

Any way, i think ive rambled on enough now- needless to say, the going is good here! Hope everyones ok, and thanks for the comments; it means alot to know whats happening at home, as despite appearences, i am missing old blighty!!

Any way, im off to top up my tan..............

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