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THE world trip his journal is to let all those i know and care about (hello!) get a little bit more info about what im doing, and where. Also, its a gesture to calm my poor mums nerves whilst her first born child explores the big wide world. Hopefully it wont back fire

A sun soaked dash from Bangkok to rainy Bombay

SINGAPORE | Friday, 3 August 2007 | Views [837]

Only 4 weeks left of travelling, and i use that as my excuse for being really rather slack on the update front; ive merely been trying to fit in as much as possible, into the short amount of time i have left- that, and a profusion of sun, sand and fun in the thai islands arelly dissuaded me from stepping into the shade of an interenet cafe!

So! post round two of Bangkok, we boarded a 14 hour bus down to the port where we could kick off for Ko Phangnan, party capital of the gulf of Thailand. It really was built for one thing- the consumption of copious amounts of buckets ( Whisky, coke and redbull, in a sand castle making bucket; classy!) We met some wicked people, and sepent several days chilling by the sea in our lovely guest house and bungalows, and by night heading down to the maion beach of Hat rin to enjoy the revelry. No full moon for us, but cant say im sorry- i think that would have been just too much for me, considering what the island was like during its 'quiet' days! After Ko Phangnan, we crossed back acroos Thailand to the west coast, and headed for Phi Phi for a bit of rest and relaxation ( Well, that was the plan anyway) Phi Phi is very very beautiful; therefore, really quite built up, considering the damage that the Tsunami caused in 2004. However, its still very special and has its own atmosphere; something that i think is helped by thye total lack of ccars, and unbelieveably perfect beaches. We evenb visitied the beach where 'The beach' was filmed, Maya, and having  aload of other fellow tourists couldnt hide its beauty.

But it wasnt all laziness, oh no! One day we took a small longtail boat and headed out to a few of the surrounding islkands, and where we doid plenty of snorkelling- it was the best snorkelling ive ever done; so much coral and fish ( fish who swarm you because they want to be fed bread!) and i even saw 3 black tipped reef sharks!! After Phi Phi, were we spent more than  afew days, we headed across the waves to Phuket. Definately glad we spent more time in Phi Phi- Phuket town were we stayed, was very ineteresting, due to its merge of portugese and asian architecture, and the beach of hat rai harn was also a bit of  a treat, but Patong, the tourist mecca of Phuket, was like a personel hell for me- very bright, tacky and just hporrid- we only went to get our bus tickets to Singapore, and then we scarpered out of there as quick as possible ( with new copies of Harry Potter in tow, so it wasnt all bad!)

So, moving swiftly on, we headed down to Singapore. It was a journey you just had to laugh at, otherwise it could have been quite traumatic; despite repeated assurances from the travel agent thyat we would be getting a COACH with TOILET, at the appointed time of departure a minibus came for us. Nio problem, we thought, it must be taking us to the coach. Not the case though, we went to another minbus ( which subsequently nearly carshed into a car coming the wrong way down the highway!) And then we changed to another minibus. And then another minbus! And then a coach (SANS toilet!!)Phew. Oh wait, no. At 5am we where awoken and then put onto ANOTHER coach, and off we went into Singapore. Add in two border checks in that time, and you can imagine how knackered we were! But you have to laugh, as no one will explain whats happening, so you just have to go with it!

But we made it, and Singapore was really, really cool. It is a beautiful city, really developed and very cleana nad tiday, with a strong cosmopolitan feel. We thought we would get in a bit of culture from the Singapore Museum and the Museum of asian civilsation, which were both cheap, very well laid out and very interesting, and i even got a cheesy photo out side Raffles, although unfortunately i couldnt follow in my Grandmas footsteps and get a drink inside, as my garments have become very travel worn, and i felt rather a scruff.

However, i do wish that i had had the money to do Singapore justice ( on the whole, its very pricey) But its definately somewhere id like to go back too.

And so, now we are in Mumbai ( Bombay) We got here late last night, and so far, ive got a good impression. The people are friendly, its vibrant, but the traffic is terrible!!! as we are flying out of here, we have decided to leave the sight seeing til then, and are getting a train tommorow to the blue city of Johdpur. Im very excited! But io cant belive ive only one month left! Im determined to makle the most of India, but im looking forward to the return trip too.

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