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THE world trip his journal is to let all those i know and care about (hello!) get a little bit more info about what im doing, and where. Also, its a gesture to calm my poor mums nerves whilst her first born child explores the big wide world. Hopefully it wont back fire

About becci_m

I have always had the urge to travel beyond the boundarys given, and this perhaps has something to do with growing up in a sleepy farming parish, in the depths of that emerald isle, England.

After completely 18 years of education, that culminated in a 3 year degree at the University of Manchester Business school, myself and a couple of fellow scholars thought it high time to get out and broaden our horizons before the reality of being 22 and the reality of getting a "proper" job becomes imminent. Thus, we are going on our first REAL backbacking trip ( Europe doesnt count- specially if, like me, you interailed with a 'trolley-dolly' suitcase.)

So, I have the urge to travel. I have even added a cumbersome back pack to my possessions and have had a healthy precautionary dose of typoid. Therefore, im good to go. Alas, wrong. I have just completed 6 months in a soulcrushing job in order to finance my trip, and am currently bedazzled by the dizzying aray of products out to help the hapless first back packer. Do i really NEED a universal bath plug? wont a sock do? Anyway.

I am about to embark on my first trip, regardless of the dexterity of my packing choices. My aim? To see new things, meet new people and experience as much as possible, all with an open mind.Heres to the next 6 months, and may they be eye-opening and enjoyable. 

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