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Batam, city like no other Trip to Batam is always fun, many traditional life is still here, old boat, children playing in old boat, many of Batam's native people lies their life in "Water" either as fisherman, or simply build house above it

My Scholarship entry - Batam, Indonesia a "must" city to visit

Indonesia | Tuesday, June 11, 2013 | 5 photos

Batam, place where modern live blend traditional one, and as everywhere in the world water is play significant role, but what make water so special in Batam because we use water for transportation as well for life, life above and under the water is full of color, you may find kids playing around on the old boat, even under the bridge you still find "Love at its best" between mother to son, lover, and friendship, but that's not all senior man also found their quiet place to think

About batam

Kids playing on the abandoned wooden ship, they play here everyday after school, such a joy in childhood

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