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Early mornings

CHINA | Thursday, 19 June 2008 | Views [756]

I’ve been sleeping with the doors and windows open to let in the breeze lately.  I don’t really want to buy more electricity credit before I leave, and my air conditioner doesn’t really work that well anyway. 

So any sounds that the people living around my apartment make at all hours of the night just drift right in.  This includes construction starting at 6am, babies crying…all the time, and badminton games to begin the mornings. 

Today, I awoke to a loud conversation.  I was sleepy, so I just tried to ignore it for awhile.  Soon, I was wondering if these people were actually in my apartment.  It was so loud.  If it hadn’t been 6am leading me to believe I was delusional in my sleepy state, I might have gotten up to see if they actually WERE in my apartment. 

Turns out there are new tenants in my complex.  They live below me, but leave their door open frequently.  Contributing to the “babies and loud conversations in my apartment in the middle of the night” syndrome that has been plaguing me.  Luckily, taking naps in the middle of the day is really acceptable (and everyone, EVERYONE participates).  So I’ve started participating too.



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