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Hot pot

CHINA | Wednesday, 18 June 2008 | Views [818]

I was craving hot pot for some reason.  I hadn’t had it since I was in Sichuan, and I didn’t have anyone to eat dinner with.  So I went to the grocery store and searched out the thinly sliced bits of dead sheep and the seasonings.  I bought some vegetables and came home to experiment.  

Weirdly, the directions were written in English.  They were Chinglish, but understandable.  So I boiled the oil, put in the seasoning, and waiting for the meat and veggies to be wonderfully greasy and seasoned. 

It was actually really good.  If I could manage to bring some of the seasoning home, I would to share. Because everyone should experience the spicy-ness of Sichuan.  Don't worry; I will never bring pig brains home.



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