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Round the World in about 200 Days

Trip: Round the world in about 200 days

There are [21] stories from my trip: Round the world in about 200 days

Gallery: Maine, Connecticut, NYC, Colorado, Amsterdam and LONDON

NETHERLANDS | Tuesday, 26 Aug 2008 | Photo Gallery

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The End...

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 26 Aug 2008 | Views [670]

Well it's finally over, hard to believe really, I managed to fit in time to add the pictures from the end of our central america stint while we were in the states but since making back to the western world life has been real busy so I haven't had a chance ... Read more >

Gallery: panama, cuba, and back to the states

CUBA | Monday, 28 Jul 2008 | Photo Gallery

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the sketchiest place yet, abandoned beaches, tropical storms and new york city

COSTA RICA | Wednesday, 11 Jun 2008 | Views [1212] | Comments [1]

well what a trip, i suppose as this central america bit winds down we start to become a little more refelctive and the bottom line is that it has all been amazing! last time i wrote we had just arrived in honduras, we didn´t stay very long, teguciagalpa, ... Read more >

Gallery: honduras, nicaragua, costa rica, and NYC...

NICARAGUA | Wednesday, 11 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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highlights of the last few weeks

HONDURAS | Friday, 23 May 2008 | Views [706]

so the internet cafe in tegus honduras closes in 10 minutes and tomorrow we are back to quiet beachy towns with no access to the outside world so i will try to update on the last few weeks, hmmm... first mexico city... we spent the majority of the ... Read more >

Gallery: more mexico, back to guatemala and on to el salvador

EL SALVADOR | Wednesday, 21 May 2008 | Photo Gallery

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mexican madenss

MEXICO | Saturday, 26 Apr 2008 | Views [896] | Comments [1]

Well Puerto V allarta was the blast we expected and maybe even a little bit more! With a group of about 60 coming from all corners of the world for this celebration I am not sure the hotel was quite prepared for us. As happy as security was to ... Read more >

Gallery: mexico madness

MEXICO | Saturday, 26 Apr 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Guatemalan Gringos

GUATEMALA | Sunday, 13 Apr 2008 | Views [755]

Guatemala has been an adventure of all sorts…chicken busses packed to the absolute brim, sitting in 1 old school bus seat with the 2 of us and a family of 4, traffic jams on mountain roads for hours, using your broken Spanish to ask for directions ... Read more >

Gallery: Isla Flores y San Pedro la Laguna

GUATEMALA | Saturday, 12 Apr 2008 | Photo Gallery

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more belize and a bit of guatemala

GUATEMALA | Friday, 28 Mar 2008 | Views [901] | Comments [1]

Well since i last wrote a lot has happened… Belize was really cool, their first language is English, but most everyone also speaks Spanish and Creole so that made things fairly easy in terms of getting around. We stayed on the lovely island ... Read more >

Gallery: more belize a bit of guatamala

GUATEMALA | Tuesday, 25 Mar 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Belize

BELIZE | Friday, 14 Mar 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Cancun, Playa and BELIZE

BELIZE | Thursday, 13 Mar 2008 | Views [930] | Comments [2]

Well we finally made it out of Dallas and into Cancun, seeing as it is spring break time and we’re a bit old for that we headed straight out of town on the first available bus. We got into Playa del Carmen to find it looked kind of like California, ... Read more >

Gallery: San Fran on tour and snow in dallas...

USA | Saturday, 8 Mar 2008 | Photo Gallery

good times
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san fran on tour, airport adventures and la la land

USA | Friday, 7 Mar 2008 | Views [980] | Comments [1]

we've been in the states for just over a week now and i've got more stories than i can probably manage to get out while the photos upload! first things first...kim's bachelorette party...super fun times! dennis and i left new zealand at 7:40 in the ... Read more >

Tags: Airports

Land of the KIWI

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 25 Feb 2008 | Views [944]

ok, so i promised to update more frequently and it has been a month again but hopefully this will be a good one :)  new zealand has been quite a blast! a little mini story i skipped out on the last update was my very welcome reception from the customs ... Read more >

Tags: The Great Outdoors

Gallery: road trip new zealand

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 21 Feb 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: south east asia

THAILAND | Friday, 1 Feb 2008 | Photo Gallery

thailand, laos, vietnam, cambodia
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update - 1 month in

THAILAND | Friday, 1 Feb 2008 | Views [889] | Comments [4]

well i can't believe it has been over a month already since we left amsterdam! i suppose i have a lot to catch up on, namely south east asia! after lots of hard work planning and saving and 24 hour straight travel dennis and i split at the bangkok ... Read more >

Tags: planes trains & automobiles