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san fran on tour, airport adventures and la la land

USA | Friday, 7 March 2008 | Views [925] | Comments [1]

we've been in the states for just over a week now and i've got more stories than i can probably manage to get out while the photos upload!

first things first...kim's bachelorette party...super fun times!

dennis and i left new zealand at 7:40 in the evening on thursday and after a 12 hour flight and a few too many bottles of free wine arrived in LA at 10:30 thursday morning, a bit like hungover time travel if you ask me, not for the faint of heart. we met alex at the airport and got a car to head our to joshua tree national park to meet the rest of the party goers who were en route from san francisco to camp for the night before checking into our amazing house for the weekend!

the three of us got loads of beers, some snacks, found the group site that gretch had reserved, made a fire and started to drink..about 6 hours later we wondered if we should be worried, considering they had left at 1 in the afternoon and it should only take about 7 hours and now it was 11 pm, hmmmm. so we got in the car (very silly but quite necessary because it is a hell of a lot colder in the desert in california then you think!) and drove til we got a signal on alex's cell phone, turns out they were still just driving, we told them we needed more beers, batteries for the ipod speakers that were about to die and moooore firewood cause 5 bunches only lasts so long ;p

about 2 hours later they finnaly arrive, a bit cranky and with some wood and batteries but only wine (yikes! after 8 hours of beer drinking this was not the most exciting entrance - no offence to those reading this) and also with some crazy stories of stoner adventures in gas stations, cops and madness, honestly i expected no less...

they got setteld and we made the introductions and had some fun before the 3 of us staggered (literally) to sleep, the next day it took us about 7 hours to pick up 2 people at the airport (BEFORE FOOD OR COFFEE) and i thought i had bad travel luck, these people are crazay, there was many many many loops in the airport and far too many u-turns but eventually we got everyone and some food and finally made it to the super posh house...PARTY TIME!!!

we had a great weekend, hot tub and pool and a fab bbq, a sex toy party, kim without a voice, all in all good fun...and for those who see the pictures and haven't met the SF crew, wigs and fake moustaches are just normalcy in our crowd.

tough as it was to say goodbye to them alll them again, we took off knowing we'd see them in mexico in about a month for the wedding so we dropped alex at the airport and headed over to rachel's house, met the boy, stayed in the beautiful guesthouse, pretty much didn't want to leave (those pics are the 2nd house that it looks like we mst have rented but really; she just lives there) a few days in LA meant mostly a few days sitting in the car in traffic but I got to meet the other bridesmaids from her wedding and catch up with a few peeps and it was lovely.

dennis and i took off super excited to finally get the central america part of the trip underway but no such luck...after trouble at the airport check in and seperate seats we made it to dallas texas and were welcomed by SNOW! for those of you who are not from the states; it does not usually snow in dallas, needless to say we sat on teh plane for 2 and a half hours before we even got to the gate and then were told basically everything that wasn't already on the runway waiting was cancelled and the hotels were pretty much all booked, IF you could even get a taxi to take you anywhere...funnny stuff i tell ya!

it is much less stressful when that happens if you are on you way to a 3 month stay somewhere so we were pretty chilled, as opposed to normal, right?! anywho we got seats on a flight for 2 days later, checked all the hostels and htels we could find and decided we were staying the airport for the night, headed to a irish pub, got some grub and few beers and then made friends with a bachelorette party headed for vegas, sweet!

these girls were hysterical, and our waitress/marine rocked; so all in all it was a pretty fun night, we kept going for smoke breaks (through security!) with this nikki chick who was good fun (the one with me on the escalator adventure in the pictures) and after the bars had closed (a bit early i will admit) she decided since she knew the law (her dad is a cop) that she was going to prove a point to these cops who were sitting just outside the last bar intimidating the batenders into not serving any more drinks even though legally they could for another 45 minutes...

so after about a half hour of her mini little self pointing fingers at the these 5 big giant texan cops and calling them fuckers and telling them they had little cock syndrome they started to threaten, we tried to drag her away to no avail, they shooed us away and we tried to explain but then he asked if we wanted to take responsibility - ummmmm, NO! mind you it was quite funny, but still, so we sat a gate down and watched her, head held high, stick her arms behind her back and dare them, just dare them, to arrest her, yeah, so they did! and then dennis and i had to go tell her bridesmaid party girlfriends that their friend just got arrested and she currently has the brides ticket to their 7am departure in her purse, fuuny shit goes down in the airport when you're all locked in i guess, and from what i can tell, it's more fun than dallas :)

so we're still here, waiting and hoping to head to mexico tomorrow, struggling through freezing temperatures in flip flops cause our bags are (hopefully) already in cancun...wish us luck, we're headed back to sunshine xx


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I love your crazy stories and today when im bored at work =im gonna read all of them, but this one really fits in my idea of the south of the US! Cant wait to go myself!!... x

  marike Mar 10, 2008 6:49 PM

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