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Free like the wind in the desert

My Scholarship entry - Nomadic life

Tanzania | Saturday, January 12, 2013 | 5 photos

I've always had an interest in Art. I have travelled for 13 years photographing the world.
Looking through a lens allows me to capture life as I see it. A moment in time, a place, a smile, a memory. I love photography as an art form, it allows me the freedom of expression.
I am a visual arts teacher but would love to be a freelance photographer documenting the diverse world we live in.
During my travels I spent time in orphanages and developed art workshops.
I hope to contribute back to the community through photography, capturing both joy and adversity through hardship and raise awareness. I would like to have an exhibition to raise money for educating children.
This opportunity will advance my technical skills in photography. The reward of working with a professional photographer such as Jason Edwards, is an amateur photographer's dream.
I have no commitments, and have the freedom to travel. I'm always passionate in what I do, hard working, creative and ambitious. This scholarship is a once in a life time experience, a prestigious award that would be an honour to win. I believe it's not only the camera it is the person behind the lens.