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USA | Saturday, 8 September 2007 | Views [1779] | Comments [7]

Five days ago we landed in Baltimore and happily trundled our bags into the district.  Ok who am I kidding?  We were up until four in the morning the night before trying to fit all of our stuff into the one backpack/chest that Andrew was carrying....it didn't go well.  FIve bags later, we were regretting not having purchased two of the $70 bags at Academy.  Anyway two hours after landing, we were happily ensconsed at Orrick DC and pestering Dianne while she waited to finish work.   We were soon on our way to an amazing Indian restaurant.  After we offered to pay John looked at us and reminded us gently that we were unemployed...we asked him to come on our trip with us :)  Anyway we spent three days with John and Dianne which was wonderful, I awoke each morning (or mid-afternoon) to a fresh pot of coffee and yogurt.  I decided rather than going on a trip, I would try to hide out in John and Dianne's house...Tommy (their lab) explained to me that only he had the privilege of lazing about.  On Friday Annie and I with a whinng Andrew traipsed about to Dunkin Donuts.  We had decided that we wanted to go on a sugar-free thing...so we started off with a bang...Next we went to the supermarket to purchase three bottles of wine...all those brands costing $5 or less, but with alcohol percentages of greater than 11.5%.  Andrew was sad to say good bye to ArborMist, but he was able to do it in the end.  Anyway, we had a lovely night watching Hot Fuzz and eating at IHOP while pretending to be British.  In honor of our recent vow of stopping eating meat, we decided to get extra sausage...tomorrow we are going to Georgia Browns....ok that is enough for now, although tonight we went to Tami and Bretts and tried out their fabulous Chicken with Rice aka Pollo con Arroz y vino y ice cream with Brownies bites.  It was awesome.  Ok, tomorrow it is an all you can eat buffet for breakfast...we are storing up our fat reserves for the trip, and Andrew is on a DP drip.


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okay...so if I am reading this right you are carb loading and targeting the Texas beef industry AND Andrew is whining and wine-ing.
This confirms my suspicions about you two. I have long suspected you are both UN-FREAKING-PREDICTABLE.

I admire that but...
I have to sit and wonder what will happen on foreign soil.
Will you both get Sinead O'Connor haircuts in Ireland?
Will you adopt in Cambodia like the Pitt/Jolie's?
Will Andrew become a male model in France? Will Alex foment a feminist revolution in Southeast Asia?
Or Italy? Or (fill in the blank).
If worrying about crazy twentysomethings burns calories you are going to be very surprised at my svelte body next time you see me.
Oh well.
Carry on. Party like Austinites.

  Rrrricardo Sep 12, 2007 12:47 PM


What is this? No comments on my generosity as a host?! I gave you not one, but two rooms! (One without a door, both without a window, and all filled with Mason's exercise equipment, true, but I gave you a comfy spot between the unicycle and the dip bars.) I let you eat my expired string cheese and let you drink my room temperature Coke Zero. I let you take my car for an inspection and paint my bathroom. I let you buy me IHOP and California Tortilla. You two are totally ungrateful. Typical Americans. The French are (going to be) right about you two.

  Annie Sep 13, 2007 1:51 AM


Word on the Texas streets is the traveling AKs will be in New York Cit-tay tomorrow.

I don't know when so I am just going to watch CNN or FOX for a news bulletin about Annie cartwheeling with joy through the streets of DC. Then I'll know they actually left. I am thinking that could shoot us up to threat level orange in NYC.

Annie you think you are unappreciated? You should see all the gift carrots I bought them that they simply left behind. They were organic!

  Rrrricardo Sep 14, 2007 12:30 PM


FIRST off A&A you don't have to take any crap off of Tommy (John and Dianne's dog) If you will simply go around their house peeing on their furniture, they will throw the dog out and I am sure they wouldn't mind you staying there and consuming the rest of the dog's food and water, however Andrew it will be necessary for you to learn to fetch the master's slippers in your mouth, and then there is the whole licking yourself thing, but I won't go there. On the up side, Kibbles and bits is low in sugar, provided it isn't soaked in Dr. Pepper. As far as the IHOP visit goes, don't be putting them down. I once dated a one legged girl and that is where she worked.
This little note to Annie, be sure and inventory your silverware as soon as posible because the filing time for theft in small claims court is rapidly approaching. Also don't worry about inventoring the exercise equipment as the only exercise I have ever seen Andrew get was shoveling my food into his mouth. And by the way Andrew, OZ is a proper nown and you can't use it in Scrabble. Deal with it.

  luther parker Hinesly Sep 14, 2007 12:56 PM


One last thing on the wine, Andrew. I hope for $5.00 a bottle your are getting the 1 gallon jugs and not the Fifths. If you will buy the RED MOUNTAIN in case lots (4 gallons) it only costs $1.89 gallon and one of the perks is, every time you take a drink of water for the next 3 or 4 days, you get drunk again and you get a deposit back on the bottles in mass and ny.

  luther parker Hinesly Sep 14, 2007 1:01 PM


As I read over your story I am grateful I will not be with you two over the next week or so as you go through detox. Please be advised they have very strict rules on the airlines about loud whining and crying so you may have to muzzle Andrew over the DP. Please remember that the colthes you packed fit you if you pack on pounds they won't and you don't have room for more and there are laws about going nude. Please do be careful of infriging on the rights of pets as there are laws to protect them against people like you. John is not only kind he is very smart so I don't belive you could do anything to get him to go on this trip with you, thank the Lord. You should try MD 20/20 also known as maddog 20/20, it is nowhere as expensive as 5 dollars a bottle and trust me it will take much less to get you drunk and with a bottle in hand walking down the alleys and such you would be amazed at all the new friends you can make. You can never have to many friends.

  mardi Sep 14, 2007 3:11 PM


All I read was "Hot Fuzz." Don't you guys wish you'd gone to see it in theatres when I extended an invitation.. THREE DIFFERENT TIMES

  Gabe Evans Sep 24, 2007 4:18 PM

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