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We Kathmandid it!

NEPAL | Sunday, 2 March 2008 | Views [1093] | Comments [2]

Well, people, collect your bet money- we are alive and well back in Kathmandu and still have most of our fingers and toes.

And did we mention we are now paying 25 rupees per hour for internet!? Wow! This will still be a quick post as we have a lot of celebrating to do (that is, eating steak, drinking Everest® beer, etc). But soon we will post the promised final India blog, and you will be delighted to know that we kept detailed journalings of our 20 days in the mountains.

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Hooooorah !

While you were gone:

Your nephew Theo got his very own email address.

Mardi found a guy in town pretending to be me but he blew it by going out with a blonde. Something I would never do.

Bob Knight quit Texas Tech.
Yet Texas Tech still beat UT in a basketball game.

One of your cousins got married a couple more got engaged. Oh and the wind blew here.

I had a dream where Alex and I were talking. Your mom thinks maybe it is the sleep medication I took that caused a hallucination of some kind.

A parade of politicians (from every party) who want to be your US president have been to town. As it turns out EVERYTHING is going to be fixed.
I hope you like rainbows and lollypops because that is what the future holds.

P.S. you know those pics from Italy?
...Finished lookin' at 'em

  Richard Mar 3, 2008 9:28 AM


all right then i guess i will fill them in on this side of town, your youngest neice got strep throat, went to the doctor 2 times and wound up with lips that looked like she had 20 injections too many and a visit to the ER. then kelie was thrown off the 4 wheeler when she let go and now has a broken collor bone or clavacle to medical people. she is very limited in movement. linda is living in a bubble, and landis has a really bad cough. parker has made a u turn in life and has lost his mind. he has decided to seek thrills and chills, so he now has a dirt bike, not just any dirt bike but a really tall one, it is a shame but if the girls are watching he will normally fall off of it. he needs training wheels, and i now also have a dirt bike and yes indeedy it is as tall as parkers and yes i am requesting training wheels as my feet do not come close to the ground and i am too old to jump and everyone knows old white women can't jump. gayle and the girls are living here in the castle, and gayle is now employed here in lubbock, dylan lives here on days off. dallas has returned from utah and we are expecting shannon and andrew, my to have a full house again, my deepest dream come true. i now have a motorhome to take to hobbs to live in when i am there as parker rented out my fifth wheel here. and to follow up on richards tales, yes bob knoght is gone but his son who ran a tech junk store is the new coach, and while the clinton's daughter was here speaking to her peers about her mom and good ole bill is telling all texans how they owe it to hilary to vote for her (whatever) and all the rest of the demo nut cases spouting why we should vote for them mc cain cancels his trip because of a little wind and snow. i myself have decided not to participate in this election as this fair city has not sent me a voting card oh no but they have sent one to andrew. i was so happy to hear you both kept your fingers and toes, you know it is much harder to get employment if you are disfigured. and i have pictures of this man with the blonde, wait and see if you think it could be a relative. the countdown has began, the days are speeding by at snail speed. you two will be home before you post pictures to this site. so richard just relax and sit back as we can repo the camara you know and then we will have all the pictures we want. getting excited but in control of your return love mom

  mardi Mar 5, 2008 2:48 AM

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