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Trujillo & Huanchaco

PERU | Friday, 6 March 2009 | Views [1499] | Comments [1]

The most ugliest dog in the world, the

The most ugliest dog in the world, the "Peruvian Perro"

It was straight to the beach, Huachaco claimed to be the hangout for the gringos. I cant say I was impressed by the beach after being spoilt in Aussie for 3 years. We chilled and ate some nice Cerbiche ( Peruvian raw fish dish. )it would prove to be our undoing later!

We headed to the historical tuins of Chan Chan and had a guided tour of the dite. It was massive and highly erroded. They were smarter to build here than Trujillo which got anhilated one year in a flood. Their ancient well is still bringing in water today after 2000 years it has refilled the palaces mirror lake. We then saw the pyramids of Esmeralda and Rainbow (dragon) the latter havig pristine releif still in tack.

But it would be the adobe bricked pyramid of la luna that would steal the show. A huge pyramid in the south o Trujillo. 5 Layers of Kings, each with gruesome carvings of the decapitator god with victims heads in each hand. Also the black hairless Peruvian dog roams here..yes its fuckin ugly and smelly..but a highly sort after comodity for its higher body temp for arthritus sufferers.

We headed into Trujillo for a feed, where a too friendly peruvian followed us and had a beer with us. He seemed nice enough, but we knew it lead somewhere bad. We didnt think and we changed a 50 for him he claimed he needed some change...of coarse latter us silly gringos realised it was a fake note and we had been conned!

Next the over night bus from HELL!!!




This dog has an injury. Instead of photographing him so you could later post the photo and call him ugly, you could have tried to get him some help for that open wound.

  Animal lover Feb 25, 2012 9:48 AM



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