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Whitey's Can't Handle The Streets!

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 5 November 2008 | Views [565]

Some kids getting shirty before getting flirty.

Some kids getting shirty before getting flirty.

You hear about gangsta rappers banging on about “life on the streets”. It’s the same ones who cruise around in their flashy cars, eat at gourmet restaurants and incessantly upgrade their latest home entertainment systems. Well, in Vietnam people actually live on the streets. Well maybe not sleep, because they often have a room for that, but still they LIVE, BREATHE, EAT the labyrinthine STREETS.

Whether it’s little tykes doing PE, tired husbands drinking at bia hoi’s, haggard old prostitutes flashing their crumbling wares or just xe-om drivers catching winks, the streets are bustling night and day. District 1 Saigon is never ever quiet. All hours of the day the street noise permeates into the residences above. Cars reversing to the tune of happy birthday, fruit sellers squawking in tonal vocalizations, kids kicking weird shuttlecocks all over the joint; these are just some of the clockwork features of Vietnamese city life.  

Try sleeping in an environment like this. It’s tantamount to running ones fingers down a chalkboard for an alarm clock. Communist loud speakers expunging propaganda run through the night, cackling shady street characters submerge into the dark refines of thin alleys, rabid dogs rummage in the days litter, the noise never ends.

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