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Photos: It's all about Laos!!!!

LAOS | Monday, 8 Feb 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: The country of Laos

LAOS | Tuesday, 2 Feb 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: A whistle stop tour of Cambodia

VIETNAM | Sunday, 31 Jan 2010 | Photo Gallery

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please talk to us!

VIETNAM | Monday, 25 Jan 2010 | Views [274] | Comments [1]

Would love to read some comments and emails from you on this site? Please keep in touch and tell us what you think! Thanks so much xxxxxxx 

Photos: A few more from Paradise!

VIETNAM | Monday, 25 Jan 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: South Vietnam

VIETNAM | Monday, 25 Jan 2010 | Photo Gallery

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The Sun is shining, the weather is sweet yeah!

VIETNAM | Saturday, 23 Jan 2010 | Views [332]

Wow, what a place this is! They say, It's what Phuket, Thailand woudl be like if it hadn't been taken over by tourists! Pure white sand, Turquoise sea and miles and miles of beach, surrounded only by beach hts and palm trees! We have decided that we ... Read more >

To Saigon...

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 19 Jan 2010 | Views [260]

Hi Everyone! Have a look at photos of the mud bath, don't seem to be showing on main screen for some reason! Well It's time to leave Nha Trang. It hasn't stopped raining for 2 days so glad to head South to the sun and 30 degree heat of Saigon! Got ... Read more >

Mud Glorious Mud!

VIETNAM | Sunday, 17 Jan 2010 | Views [230]

Looking forward to some relaxing hot springs, mud baths, and maybe even a massage! The weather is still a little overcast but its hot, so going to visit Thap Ba Hot Springs today.

6 berth economy sleeper train to Nha Trang...NEVER AGAIN!

VIETNAM | Saturday, 16 Jan 2010 | Views [381]

Left the beautiful Hoi An yesterday! Unfortunately the journey there does not live up to expectations of life travelling the world! When we boarded there was already 3 smelly Vietnamese men in our cabin/cell! The man below Steve enjoyed spitting greenies ... Read more >

Photos: Hoi An & Nha Trang

VIETNAM | Saturday, 16 Jan 2010 | Photo Gallery

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To all the golf widows out there!!!!

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 13 Jan 2010 | Views [467] | Comments [1]

Well, it was only a matter of time before it happened! I knew I couldn't prevent it happening at some point on our trip. STEVE HAS DISCOVERED THE ONLY 18 HOLE  CHAMPIONSHIP  GOLF COURSE IN THE AREA AND IS OFF TO PLAY IN A FEW HOURS!!!!! As his booking ... Read more >

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Photos: Vietnam

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 12 Jan 2010 | Photo Gallery

From the rainy Nort to the Hot South
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UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 11 Jan 2010 | Views [513]

Hi everyone! Or sin chow from vietnam! Stayed in the north- Hanoi. Crazy and mad place. Never seen so many motorbikes! It's absolutely lethal crossing the road! Spent some time doing a few tours. Went to a magical place called Halong bay, and spent the ... Read more >

Photos: South Thailand

THAILAND | Sunday, 3 Jan 2010 | Photo Gallery

Sun and burnt bums
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South Thailand Sun and burnt bum.

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 3 Jan 2010 | Views [878] | Comments [3]

South of Thailand is red hot at the min and sunny. Been to most of the islands around Krabi on our own Long Boat. We had the same driver and named him Pongo as obviously has never seen the ball end of a roll on deoderant. We sailed or motored our way ... Read more >

British Airways!!!!

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 17 Dec 2009 | Views [257]

Why oh why oh why did we decided to book our RTW ticket with British Airways!!!!!! (Would never normally fly with them coz they are soooo expensive, but we wanted a good trip and decided to pay that bit extra!) Can't beleive that we might not even leave ... Read more >


UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 6 Dec 2009 | Views [198]

Really starting to dawn on me now! Bought suncream today. Cant wait for the sunshine of Krabi!

4 weeks to go!

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 29 Nov 2009 | Views [176]

We are counting down the days now until we set off! Only 4 weeks to go, and only 3 at work! Vaccinations complete, insurance sorted and backpack bought. Only need to make sure we have enough spends!!!!!! Fingers crossed!  Can't wait!

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