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AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 14 November 2015 | Views [287]

My four month journey finally comes to an end and what a crazy adventure it has been. Where do I even start? The past four months I have been to Lollapoloza music festival in Chicago, been bike riding around Central Park, experienced the craziness of Times Square, took a trip into my family's past in wee Scotland, experienced the Edinburgh Fringe, seen the midnight sun, trained huskies in the Artic circle, touched snow for the first time, sailed through the fjords in Norway, chased waterfalls in Iceland, snorkelled between two continents, went glacier hiking, rode an Icelandic horse through a lava field, witnessed the northern lights twelve times, experienced the craziness of Amsterdam, been deported and detained, wandered the streets of Copenhagen, visited German beer halls and century old castles, sing alongs on the sound of music tour, drank Austrian Beer on top of the alps, explored the magical Prague, stood on the top of Europe, climbed mountains in the Swiss alps and most importantly met the most incredible and inspiring people.

 Travelling alone would have to be the best thing I ever did. Meeting and travelling with people along the way was a massive stress reliever but it was when I was alone I could fully appreciate everything I was witnessing and experiencing. Sure I got lonely a few times but, in the end I realised I much preferred my own company over someone's else's. Staying at hostels with groups of young people and witnessing fights and arguments I was so happy to realise that I was in fact free to do whatever I pleased. I could eat what I wanted and sleep as much or as little as I wanted. I also made a lot more friends travelling solo then I would have with another person. 
Over my travels I encountered some horrible strangers and some amazing strangers. But it is  the kind strangers that I will never forget. So a HUGE thank you to the man in Scotland for buying my bus ticket, the bank teller in Iceland who let me use her phone to transfer money, the mum in Austria who drove me to the bus station, the lady in Germany who paid for my lunch and all the hostel workers that made me laugh when I just wanted to cry. These random acts of kindness by complete strangers is the reason I love to travel.
I honestly do not know how to face reality now. Obviously I know I cannot travel forever and it will be a while before my next trip but I am so grateful that I am able to see this incredible world. I have never felt more alive, free and truly truly happy. I love waking up and not knowing what the next day brings, losing track of the time or what day it is and never having enough time to check social media. I can't remember the last time I slept more then six hours but I don't even care. For all the craziness and events that happened during this time I wouldn't have traded a single day, even my long hours being detained- crazy right? Maybe, But all these experiences have made me tougher, confident and more independent and whenever challenges emerge I will remind myself of all that I have handled on my own in this world.
I am looking forward to coming home. I can't wait to wear something other then the same pair of shoes, jeans and jacket I have been wearing for the last four months. I am looking forward to wearing perfume- my own perfume and not the Chanel at every duty free counter. I am looking forward to having a burrito- a big burrito with guacamole and sour cream. And most importantly looking forward to seeing my family. Who I have come to realise are your biggest supporters when travelling. Apologies to my mum who has probably lost just as much sleep as me as she's up every night checking her phone. 
So here's to the best four months of my life- I can't wait until I hop on a plane again and see more of this world but for now I'll just be dreaming.

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