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An Aussie, American and Brit go to Amsterdam

NETHERLANDS | Thursday, 22 October 2015 | Views [378]

After two weeks of solo travel through Norway and Iceland I was pretty happy to be reuniting with my two friends who I met in Finland. Kathleen was coming from Germany, Rosie from Manchester and myself from Iceland. As soon as I arrived to the train station I was hit with the smell of weed, druggies everywhere and the craziness that was Amsterdam. On the train ride to the city I regrettably sat behind a group of Irish girls talking about the meth they were going to do, British boys talking about who they were going to hook up with and a man pretending he was a pig and oinking at me-ahhh welcome to Amsterdam. I was so happy to see Kathleen's face when I arrived. We checked into our hotel, got a free cookie (winning) and headed into the city. 

Crossing the streets of Amsterdamn was so stressful. Not only do they drive on the opposite side of the road but there are bicycles/scooters/cars moving in all directions. Most of the people behind the wheel are probably high also. The weather was pretty dull and cold which sucked but it didn't stop us from exploring. We got Nutella crepes, visited the Amsterdam letters, Dam square and the Red light district. Rosie came around 11pm and we headed out to the city. Our ferry ride to the city was a free party ferry. We got given free chocolate milk, bean bags and there was a DJ-Insane! When we got to the city we regrettably followed some drugged fuelled locals around. They said they knew a good bar and we ended up doing two laps of the city. We ran away from them, found a Irish bar and ordered the men's bucket of beer. The rest of the night was filled with kebabs, drunk Irish men attempting to do an Aussie accent and bus rides to nowhere. 
The Amsterdam electronic music festival was on all weekend so there were gigs all around the city. On our walk home from the bus we came across a factory with beaming lights and a bass so loud it could have lifted me off the ground. It was 5:30am, we were exhausted and ready for bed but we thought 'When in Amsterdam' and decided to go in. Walking into this rave was like an episode of skins. Literally everyone was on drugs, there were glow planets painted across the roof, bar tenders who were also high and insane lighting. There was a 70 year old man dressed up in a black robe at the front of the stage on hardcore drugs, dancing his life away and climbing up poles. It was however, the calmest rave I have ever been to. Maybe it was the drugs they were taking but everyone gave each other room to dance freely (Unlike Australian festivals when you die trying to get to the front). There were lots of people climbing there way up to the stage. Whenever they got up on the stage they would just stand still, as high as a kite, staring at the lights and then everyone would cheer for them. So I thought to myself if I am ever going to get up on a podium to dance it's going to be in a place where no one knows who I am, a place where everyone is off their face and I am going to do it with a 70 year old man dressed like the pope. Rosie and I headed up onto stage and after getting a cheer from the audience did a little dancing. It has to definitely be up there with one of the funniest experiences of my life.
I don't know how we made it out alive but we did and slept until 2pm the next day. Our body clocks were completely messed up but it was all good because we were going to Amsterdam Music Festival that night. Before heading to the festival we went into the city. Rosie and I decided to go on a carnival ride and it was the worst thing I have ever done. A 70m tall spinning ride which went upside down and around. Normally I don't mind rides but this was the WORST. When we were stuck up the top I couldn't help but think of all the people who have died on rides. Never again. We struggled to get back to the hotel after nearly chundering from the ride but made it with enough time to get ready for the festival.
We headed to the festival around 11 and caught a ferry packed with techno wannabe DJs. So many people have told me how incredible European festivals are so we were super excited-especially as they were the worlds best DJs. We rushed in and made the end half of David Guetta's set (amazing). The rest of night Tiesto, Showtek, Dj Snake and Yellow Claw played. It was the best night ever despite disgusting toilets, packed buses and expensive food. 
On our last day we just slept until 4pm and chilled about. We wandered the beautiful canals, ate the best burgers ever and took in the last moments of our time together. Rosie and Kathleen are two of the best people I know and for an Aussie, an American and a British we get along pretty well-imagine that! When we reunite again, whether it's in a husky farm or a crazy city I can't wait. Thanks for the best weekend ever!

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