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Norway in a Nutshell

NORWAY | Monday, 5 October 2015 | Views [470]

Struggling to write this as I'm sitting in my hostel bed with no sheets because an American girl stole my bed and blankets (She literally looks like the headmaster from Matilda, breathes like a dragon and I am just not going near her). AND if that isn't enough, another girl is vomiting in the bathroom and showing me videos of her naked baby cousin. I hate people. 


Anyways, yesterday I went on a 12 hour train/bus/boat tour through Norway. The tour is called Norway in a Nutshell and I think is the second best scenic train ride in the world #dontquoteme. The tour started from Oslo to Myrdal by train (I was early and on time for once). The first hour or so was really sunny and beautiful and reminded me a lot of Scotland. As the train ride went on the views started to become incredible. At one point we were 800 feet above sea level and you could see the fjords down below. AMAZING.


I hopped of the train at Myrdal and switched to a train called Flamsbana. It was a hour scenic train ride through to Flam. At one point we stopped for photos at a waterfall and I literally got shoved out of the way by Asian tourists. The ride through to Flam was incredible. My eyes could not even take in what I was seeing.

We stopped at Flam, a small town between the Fjords. It was so cute and there were lots of hikers around- I wish I could have had more time to hike in Norway.
We then boarded a small boat to sail through the Fjords. It was freezing and I didn't have enough clothes, but I struggled through the pain because the views were breathtaking! The sun was shining through the fjords and there were waterfalls everywhere running down from the Fjords. Amazeballs.
Two hours or so later we arrived in a small town between the Fjords (Cannot remember the name). Then boarded a bus to Voss and a train to Bergen. It was around 13 hours all up and expensive but well worth it! My eyes and heart are happy. Would recommend it to anyone! 

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