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About viajandooso

I began to wonder at a young age with my family. My first big adventure began in 2000 when my parents moved our family onto a forty foot sailing catameran named Shangaan. Everyday was an adventure with underwater exploration, island hopping, shelling, and learning from my family and new friends. With the love and support of my incredible family and friends I have continued to wonder the world. At 17 years old I left for my first solo adventure as a volunteer teacher in Tena, Ecuador and volunteer with Jatun Sacha in the Galapagos. Since this first journey I have been lost in the world, craving to learn from all over the world, from all people, and in search of a way to make the world a better place. My academic interests include Biology, Political philosophy, Internatinal Affairs, and Russian. I dream of being a part of creating an international educational program that will allow for students of all nationalities and all backgrounds to experience new ecological and cultural enviornments in hopes to support a new generation of openminded environmentally concious leaders.   

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