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On the Loose in South America

Sightseeing in beloved 'BA'

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 16 Nov 2006 | Views [625]

The last two days have been spent avoiding the shops like a plague (to salvage my bank account!), and sightseeing in Buenos Aires. Yesterday, Flee and I took a 5km walk through BA to the cemetary of the rich and famous - Dating from about 1600, and ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Shopping wallet free

ARGENTINA | Tuesday, 14 Nov 2006 | Views [612] | Comments [2]

Hello all! So I am still relishing life in beautiful Buenos Aires, despite the fact I had my wallet stolen this morning!  Flee and I stopped off for a morning coffee, I paid the bill, returned my wallet to my bag, and half an hour later it had vanished.... Read more >

Tags: Shopping

In love again

ARGENTINA | Monday, 13 Nov 2006 | Views [498] | Comments [2]

I may have only been in Buenos Aires for 24 hours, but it is already official - I am in love! BA is the most liveable city I have ever come across, surpassing even my beloved Melbourne.  It has similarities to London, yet with more hospitable people, ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Picturesque Rosario

ARGENTINA | Friday, 10 Nov 2006 | Views [441]

I arrived with Flee in the town of Rosario ( south of Buenos Aires on the River Parana)in the early hours of the morning.  We  caught a taxi direct to our hostel, and attempted to check in.  Unfortunately, the hostel, whilst recommendable, is an HI hostel, ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Iguazu Falls

ARGENTINA | Tuesday, 7 Nov 2006 | Views [883] | Comments [2]

I must begin by apologising profusely for the delay in updates.  To all of my diligent readers (basically that refers to my mum, granny and Dan!), I am very sorry, and I will attempt to be more organised from now on! The long-distance bus trip to Posadas, ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Argentine Arrival

ARGENTINA | Tuesday, 31 Oct 2006 | Views [374]

Hi all! Just a quick update to let you know I safely crossed the border into Argentina (thankfully reasonably hassle-free this time!), and have spent the last three days exploring northern Argentina.  The area is a maze of tiny villages set in countryside ... Read more >

Tags: Mountains

Change of Plans- Potosi Mines

BOLIVIA | Saturday, 28 Oct 2006 | Views [452] | Comments [1]

Ok, so I was having a great time in Sucre, Bolivia, but after a bit of serious thought, I have decided to continue my travels down through Argentina, about which I have heard great reports.  I have also decided to fly back to England in late November ... Read more >

Tags: People

Sucre Antics

BOLIVIA | Sunday, 22 Oct 2006 | Views [480]

I am still thoroughly enjoying my time in Sucre, and had a very busy last few days, between voluntering at the centre for disabled children, to working at the after school program for poor country children, to teaching english at the language academy.... Read more >

Tags: People

Beautiful Sucre

BOLIVIA | Wednesday, 18 Oct 2006 | Views [554] | Comments [1]

I awoke on the bus at dawn, as we were driving through some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen.  Huge rolling green hills, surrounding little valleys of green palm trees, fruit trees and flower beds. WE arrived in Sucre at 8am, and I ... Read more >

Tags: Work

La Paz to Sucre

BOLIVIA | Sunday, 15 Oct 2006 | Views [1587] | Comments [2]

We arrived safe and sound in La Paz the folloeing morning.  However, getting our refund for the bus tickets wasnt so straightforward.  Our agent tried to tell us that the bus company only refunds half of the fare, and insisted there was nothing she could ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Salar De Uyuni

BOLIVIA | Friday, 13 Oct 2006 | Views [616] | Comments [1]

We arrived early at Uyuni, in the South of Bolivia, to begin a four-day tour of the Salar de Uyuni (Salt flats) and surrounding areas.  Our jeep comprised a spanish-speaking driver (fine by me, as allowed me to practice my spanish), the Danish pair, a ... Read more >

Tags: The Great Outdoors

Ice-cream in La Paz

BOLIVIA | Monday, 9 Oct 2006 | Views [552]

As for the flight from Rurrenabaque back to La Paz, it was far less eventful, which, according to the whole 13 people on the plane, was a good thing! However, upon returning to La Paz, at almost 4000m above sea level, I suffered for the first time, ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

The Amazon Jungle!

BOLIVIA | Saturday, 7 Oct 2006 | Views [1493] | Comments [4]

The flight North to `Rurre`, in a plane seating 14, was rather eventful.  Whether it was the size of the plane, the weather conditions, or the pilot, I dont know.  However, at least three people were sick, and another 10 terrified.  In fact, it seemed ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

La Paz- Worlds highest capital!

BOLIVIA | Thursday, 5 Oct 2006 | Views [1109]

Ok, so apologies again for the delay in updates.  Have been in the jungle for the last four days, which will tell you about shortly.  We left Copacabana in the early afternoon, after spending the morning breakfasting, relaxing, and wandering around the ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Across the Border & Into Bolivia!

BOLIVIA | Monday, 2 Oct 2006 | Views [433]

We woke  unhealthily early this morning to travel out by boat to the Uros Islands, which are based on Lago de Titicaca, and hour from Puno.  These floating, unsecured islands were originally made by a group of local Uros people trying to escape the Spanish ... Read more >

Tags: People

Cusco to Lake Titicaca

PERU | Sunday, 1 Oct 2006 | Views [469]

Today, we boarded the Inca Express bus to the shored of Lake Titicaca, in South-Eastern Peru.  We visited the Inca remains of Wiracocha temple at Racchi, a small highland town.  As with previously seen ruins, these displayed all the usual impressive ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Picturesque Cusco on foot

PERU | Sunday, 1 Oct 2006 | Views [567]

Friday was spent exploring the beautiful Inca city of Cusco.  We began with the ornate churches and cathedrals around the central plaza.  With their 100% gold-plated altars, they were a little OTT for me, and the silver-plated alter looked more like ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Machu Picchu - Well worth the hype!

PERU | Thursday, 28 Sep 2006 | Views [372]

Today, we visited Machu Picchu, which is everything its supposed to be and more. The Inca ruins are in brilliant condition, lacking only the straw roofs of 500 years ago, and the location is truly breathtaking. Perched on an extremely high peak between ... Read more >

Tags: Mountains

Cusco and the Sacred Valley

PERU | Wednesday, 27 Sep 2006 | Views [283]

Apologies for the delay in updates, as I have been rather busy! Wednesday, our first day in Cusco, was spent touring the Sacred Valley. This included a visit to the small indigenous market town of Pisaq, where the interesting market and pretty surrounding ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Lima to Cusco

PERU | Tuesday, 26 Sep 2006 | Views [500] | Comments [1]

Meeting up with my parents in Lima all ran to plan, and we spent the following day sightseeing in Peru´s capital. I still wouldnt describe it as a beautiful city, although there were several old and intricate cathedrals, palaces and churches, particularly ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

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