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Suntan in Italian Sunshine - w00t!

ITALY | Wednesday, 25 June 2008 | Views [868]

We left the searing heat of Venice for the muggy melting-ness of Rome.  It was a long drive down, but when we finally got there we found out that this was indeed “A party place peoples!”.  There where Contiki Buses everywhere..

Anywho we set up as per usual; up again early the next morning for our excursion into Rome.  We left at 8:15 and got into the city around 10:00ish(I think).   We visited the Vatican City which apparently isn't a part of Rome, but a real “city” in its own rights as it is under the rule/ laws of the church.  From St. Pietro or Saint Peter's Square we moved onto the Castle Michelangelo where the great opera singer Tosca threw herself off a balcony...  Lovely wotwot!  

We were wilting by this stage in the 34+ heat but what can you do?  This is Rome in the summer of course!  After a brief interlude under the welcomed shade of the trees, we headed across the Tiber, saw the Spanish steps (from the bottom; when we where with the boys in Feb. we saw them from the top) and dipped our feet in the fountain at the base of the stairs.  The brilliant aqua is icy cold, it  gushes out from free-flowing fountains and taps all over the city.  Apparently your not allowed sit with your feet in the water- but we didn't know until the Polizia started peeping their whistles at us. ...  Owell, it was a nice dip anyways!  

After that we moved more into the center of the city - saw the Pantheon again; Em-J and I sat outside and ate our lunch as it was 1 o'clock by now while everyone else did the tour.  From the Pantheon to the backside of the War Memorial, we climbed up the city-grimed marble steps to roof as saw Roma spread out beneath us like a glistening wanton - beguiling, inviting, sparkling and more than ready to take you in and never let go.  

Our last leg of the 'home made' tour (our fearless leader was showing us the sights and trying desperately to keep everyone together through the crowded streets) involved the Roma Form, Palatino and the cherry on top - the Colosseum.

Em-J and I had already seen the Forum Ruins, so after a quick amble through we headed up to the Colosseum. It was pretty trippy to think that the crumbling worn stone soaked up not just blazing sunshine,  but the blood of innocents to the cheers of a thirsty seething 'civilized' crowd...

Down in the cool dark of the lower levels you could sense the past of decadence that brought about these horrific games - the confusion and disorientation of the prisoners brought up from the shadows into the blistering sunlight...  “Hail Ceaser - those who are about to die salute you...”

It was pretty amazing to see this massive monument though.  After that it was back to camp, away home.  After dinner, shower and a sleep it was back to Rome though for the next days' adventures!  This time Em-J, a couple of girls and myself meandered around the city, calling stops at any shop we wanted to see, side trips to the wee markets stalls set up; basically we took things at a very leisurely pace.  We found a wandering Mr.BB, fabulous gelato and fantastic pizza- in that order.  We shopped, shopped and walked some more determining our direction by which street had the most shade!  We also got to see inside one of the Santa Maria churches (the one near the Pantheon) - it was built in 1537 or so; it was impressive, swathed in royal blues, gild, marble of every shade imaginable and lit by lone beams of sunshine that filtered through the stain-glass flower shaped windows high above the columns. The dim flickering of candles lit by devout nuns, or tourists seeking a spiritual experience struggled against the gloom that we wandered through.  

Despite its magnificence, a chill of hopelessness filled the chapel - people would seek, but pray to a saint and they will receive nothing in return. Like much of history, like much of the ruins or past, as beautiful, as majestic, as timeless as it may be; there are too many tears amidst the joys to dwell there.  I feel the need to look, listen, learn - but also an urgency to move on.  If you stay too long in the past eventually you just stop moving, stuck in memories that are forever still.  

But enough of the contemplation - we had a lovely day relaxing, but I think the highlight of the day involved - like all good things, the Oreos....   So here's the deal - Em-J and I got hooked (along with Ben&Jerry's =.=) on Oreos while we where at Teen Ranch; which is a rather random thing to be hooked on as there are no Oreos at Tescos- which meant for random road trips to Asda or Sainbury but I suppose that's all part of it eh! 

"Do not go to the dark side- Cookies have they- Fat you will be..."

LilLu, KatyKat, Em-J and I had great time being Golum, Yoda and Munchkins all at the same time - as one of the South Africans said "That's a great talent - what you can do with it I don't know, but it's a great talent!".

"Yes precious- fun it is, cookies we need."

LilLu and I went on a mission for the Peanut Butter and Em-J brought the Oreos. Let the fun(ie meeting of the Dark Side) officially begin!

We got to share the story of the BoSB - I'm pretty sure Ginger and Steel will never really know how much amusement they afforded us with... =_= Mr.BB came along wanting our chocolate and claiming that he could hear us all the way up the hill(As if we could ever be that loud!).

We offered PB or Oreos, but I think thankfully for his sake he refused saying that he wanted to keep his sanity. Ok- so PB and Oreos are both fine by themselves, but either there's a chemical reaction when the two are put together, or... Ok - we're just crazy. We invented the Oreo dance and the Pocky dance *whooo-whooo-whooo-boing-da-boing-da-boing* and staggered into camp holding hands hoping that we where in a straight line. *lolz* So much good banter. Everything is hilarious when you are high on cookies! COOOOOOOKIIIIIIIIIIIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie,cookie,cookie,cookie,cookie,cookie,cookie,cookie,cookie,cookie,cookie,cookie, cookie,COOOOOOOKIIIIIIIIIIIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! *takes breath* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So endeth the meeting of the Dark Side......

Today I'm all about doing nothing before we head to Piza tomorrow than onto Florence.

Cioa Bella! b.

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