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Pranks and Pure Banter

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 27 April 2008 | Views [709]

Life here is pure banter like usual - yesterday we (Ginger [see "Inductions"; he was in on that too] Steel, BishieBoy[sort of; he wasn't really part of it, but did help] and myself) played a prank on one of the girls here - Fox(she's really cool). The boys, Ginger and Steel, took her car down to the barn (which is a good 5-10min walk away- 15 to 20 by the time you get around the other side to where the car was parked) and stuffed it full of ballons! There was about 100+ balloons in this tiny two door Puegot... It was rather hilarious when we (Ginger and myself) had to collect her car at 11:30pm and pop the ballons so that we could actually get it back up the drive.... >_< So much fun!
N.B. - I wasn't actually in on the planning of the prank, but somehow got roped in anyways...

'Nother random adventure - went swimming in a Scottish sea today...
I.e. 14 degrees outside the water, 7 in and a WHOLE lotta cold!!!!!
It's heaps of fun though - especially as it was an hour and a half trip for 10-15 mins of beach; two of which was spent in the water.  >>  Not really surprising - you should've heard the boys moan about the temperature!!!  Sure - it WAS cold, but still....  Steel was literally HOWLING.... So that was funny as!

Also visited the Rossie Priory Ruins yesterday - they were well cool.  I just loved how Scotland has all these nooks and crannies; mysteries hidden down the pine-guarded path by the loch.  It doesn't take much to walk into the past here, and I think that's really intriguing - it catches my fancy like anything.

Cya for now - :3, b.

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