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Fun in the sun - *gasp-shock-horror*

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 1 April 2008 | Views [558]

Yes, as the title suggests - we actually had sunshine today! Okay, so it's not such a big deal, we've had sunshine for many days out of the whole here in Scotland, but today was absolutely lovely. Although, that could've been that even at mid-day I was wearing four layers... -_-'

It's hard work doing camp for nine days, and we haven't even been going for that long - it's only been two and a half days so far! I don't know how I'll get on, but at least I'm burning up all the camp food I'm eating.

I've been lucky enough to be able to ride Arrow even though it camp -the stable manager P.D. has been letting me ride him out on the last ride of the day which is cool. Yesterday I also went on a hack after work with EmJ on Tex (yes, that's when she found her 'true' love! ><) and I.S. on Gringo - and even though the rain had been pouring down as the wind swept through the fields, when the time came for our ride: above the skies where blue and as the rain clouds drifted away, golden sun rays rimmed the retreating storm and lit up the grass beaded with water droplets, the spider webs where strung up sparkling amongst the haloed woods - in other words (prose for those that get over descriptions), it was gorgeous.

Things have been really great - so life is all sweet.


Another awesome adventure that EmJ and I have been lucky enough to have - we went skiing this Thursday past - and we had a BLAST!

T.R. took us all (for free would you believe??  But it doesn't cost much to go to the slopes for the day, unlike back home!) - most of the staff  hadn't been skiing or snow boarding before, but those that did know how to snowboard got to do that [4? in all (jealous - I really want to learn how to s'board...)]  and those that didn't know how to do either (about 8 of us) had to learn how to skii.  Bummer for me, but I was still soooo excited to go at all. 

We went 'sledging' first off, I alternatively screamed and laughed the whole way down the hill - than hit the slopes!  The beginners group learnt how to start, stop, turn, go backwards(! really hard!!!) and jump(!!! double !!! 'coz I actually got air and didn't fall over once!) - it was so great.  Really hard work - I reckon they should get a mini skii lift for the beginner's slopes!?! 

I love being out for the day, and can't wait to try s'boarding next time - now I'll be able to compare the two at least - and it's another thing to strike off the list of things done.  Plus - I'd totally do it again - skiing is fun!  *Swoooosh*  It helps to satisfy my insatitable need for speed - *grins* Mwahhahaaa!

Bye - I gotta put some pictures up, b.

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