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Traditional Dutch wooden clogs

Netherlands | Wednesday, 31 December 2014 | 15 photos

Clogs or wooden clogs is a celebration of cultural indispensable in the backpack of the visitors to the Netherlands.

Clogs are the type of wooden clogs are made partly or wholly of wood and used in many countries around the world. But perhaps only in the Netherlands, a new wooden clogs play an important role in the spiritual life.

The traditional Dutch shoes working class. According to the ancient story tells farmers Netherlands poor old enough to require large carved wood pieces made clogs, with perky nose up like boats.

Some argue that because the ancient Netherlands is below sea level so this area is always wet. So, instead of leather shoes as the people of other European countries, the Netherlands using wooden clogs.

The Dutch wooden clogs also known as Klomp and basic colors of the motifs painted on shoes is usually red to simulate leather shoe. Wood was chosen to play clogs usually poplar purple willow or ash ... Sturdy, helping them not being trampled cow
on foot while milking.

Today, although the footwear industry in the Netherlands has developed but many farmers and fishermen remain habit wooden clogs in the family and still have room to separate wooden clogs.

In some villages of the Netherlands, who also donated wooden clogs son for his daughter love as an engaged signal character. At some weddings, people also gave the shoe to the attendants.

The wooden clogs also starred in the traditional dance in the village Klompendanskunt Netherlands and the dancers will make funny noises ear nose and soles by typing wooden clogs floor.

Now as to the beautiful Nordic country, you will always find easily bought their wooden clogs and came across this lovely image of it appear anywhere.

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