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My Scholarship entry - Photos of My Life

Vietnam | Saturday, 22 November 2014 | 5 photos

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am Nguyen Xuan Thuy. I graduated Master from National Academy of Public Administration, graduated Bachelor from Ha Noi Laws University and Graduated Information Technology Bachelor from National Economics University. I've been in some countries: Netherland, France, Belgium, Japan, ThaiLan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indoneasia, China, Lao and Cambodia...
I'm a Director at Information Technology Centre of Vietnam Environment Administration. I responsible for managing ICT systems and content Portal of the Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA Portal). Vea Portal has the biggest number of hits in the website, electronic media in environment field of Vietnam. Every day, there're about 30 thousand hits VEA Portal to extract information. VEA Portal were acknowledge rank 3rd of Asia Green e-Government Awards in 2013. Every day, we take photos and writing articles about environmental problems to uploaded VEA Portal. Please access our Portal at address: http://vea.gov.vn/vn/Pages/trangchu.aspx
Due to the nature of work, I often take work both at home and abroad, especially to national parks and protected areas of biodiversity. In every business trip, I always bring camera to take pictures. I usually get up very early to stroll the streets around the hotel to take pictures, and on the way from the hotel to the work site and enlist take photos. Evenings after work, I go and enlist streetwear, to the market, or the tourist places where we work to visiting and photographing. I can take any pictures, that I feel like and impressed.
So , every time after go to business trip, I shoot a lot of photos, every day I can shoot full 8GB card. However, because I haven't trained in technical and artistic photography. So my photos taken hasn't been standardized and beautiful.
I hope to participate in this journey and The experts of the wolrd Nomads will teach me about technical and artistic photography. At the same time, I can participate in exploring the Amazon rainforest, study policy diversity conservation and learn the culture, country and people of Peru country. This is valuable knowledge to help me after each time on a business trip or traveling I would take memorable pictures for myself and for the dissemination protection environmental efficiency on VEA Portal.
Best Regards. /.

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