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The Adventures of Whales 4 1/2 months with a newly wed couple in Southeast Asia Jan 9th 07 to May 17th 07

we were like gods

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 28 February 2007 | Views [892]

   Our flight to Bali, Indonesia was scheduled for 4:30 pm on Feb 25 so we arrived at the Singapore airport at 12:30 so we would have enough time for the check in. While we were waiting, a gentleman told us the flight had been rescheduled for 7:30 . So we wandered through the airport for a while longer, smelling the different perfumes, looking at the clothing, checking out the lounges-this airport seemed to have pockets of business everywhere. Then we were informed over the loud speaker that the flight would not leave until 9:30, so we recieved a complimentary dessert and drink. We also found the movie room. We boarded the plane and took off for Bali, arriving around midnight.

Noramlly for a room we pay around $10 US for a decent but plain mattress, usually with shared bath. When we  were dropped off we  were offered a 5 star room for $10. Painted walls, huge bath room, two beds, fan, walk out balcony, breakfast, pool, furniture... Howerever we do not spend enough time in the room to warrant all these commodities, so we moved to basically the same thing (no pool) for 1/2 the price. Indonesia is going to be very affordable, so if anyone wants anything be sure to let us know!!!

   The first day as we were walking to the beach, two women grabbed us by the hands, acting so eager to see us, and proceeded to pull/lead us into their shop. They kept saying that because it was our first time in Indonesia they had a gift for us. They had made bracelets for the newcomers. Then she suggested she paint my nails, and Elijah got a manicure too. It was like some kind of celebration. Then another girl and two guys show up and they all start pampering us. Finally i asked if all this beautification was part of their gift, the woman said "yes" and proceeded to work as quickly as she could. As you can see in the picture, she was doing a very cute job on my nails, so i asked again if this was all part of their gift. The one girl looked up at me as said " you give me a little bit of luck. You know because this is my business." So i made them stop because we could clearly see where this was going. We practically had to beat them off to get out of the shop, the whole time they were insisting they get money. So i kindly explained to them that where we come from a gift means you dont expect anything in return and that deceit would never bring them any luck. Elijah agreed to pay them a little because they seemed to need it so badly-so does everyone here! They were very upset but finally left us alone.

   Everywhere you go the people hound you and grab you and insist you walk through there little shop that looks identical to everything you've seen so far. On top of that, all their t shirts are printed with horribly grotesque sex sayings and scenes. Then another shirt will be hanging right next to it with some wise Confuscious saying about love and peace. All this while they are sending up little food and inscence sacrificed to their HIndu gods.

  It would be nice to do some shopping but when you are barraded by every person, even small children, it makes for a less then pleasant experience. Actually you just want to leave. If you do find something you want its a five minute haggling ordeal.

   Other than that, Elijah got to play in the water on a boogie board and I sunned. The food has been excellent and the weather is great.

   Today we found out information about the Pasola we are going to in the second week of March and about horsebackriding on the beach. Later Elijah will attempt the surf board for the first time ever and i will meander about.

We will write again soon.

Love, d&e

PS when we find a more modern computer system we will upload some pics.

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