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Trip: Helen's Hong Kong Return

There are [32] stories from my trip: Helen's Hong Kong Return

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HONG KONG | Tuesday, 29 Mar 2011 | Views [563]

Unless something extraordinary happens today which we need to share, this will sadly be our last entry for this trip! 2 nights ago we both agreed that we would be happy to get straight on a plane and head home but persistence is a good thing and we have ... Read more >

KL Hop On Hop Off Bus

HONG KONG | Tuesday, 29 Mar 2011 | Views [577]

We had decided to take the KL Hop On Hop Off bus (despite the one on the coast of HK not being necessary). This one went to over 20 sights and was worth the $13AUD to get around the city easily and not have to negotiate all the different unconnected ... Read more >

Settling in to KL

HONG KONG | Tuesday, 29 Mar 2011 | Views [393]

After a lengthy demand of our air-con fee back (and getting it), we took the uninteresting 1 hour trip with Airasia buses to Sentral Station then boarded the Putra MTR 1 station to our destination - the Matahari Lodge. It was an easy trip. As we were ... Read more >

Day and Night activities in the sky

HONG KONG | Tuesday, 29 Mar 2011 | Views [498]

Because the cable car to Ngong Ping didn't open 'til 10am or so, we decided on an early start to avoid tourist crowds After enjoying breakfast, 7:30am, at Pacific Coffee Company (our ever-reliable source of western food and coffee)we boarded a local bus ... Read more >

Island Hopping

CHINA | Sunday, 27 Mar 2011 | Views [700] | Comments [1]

Spent the early hours exploring more of Tai O- walking in  the opposite direction to a local Ferry Terminal enjoying watching the locals getting ready for their day. After coming to a dead stop (military signs warning no entry), we returned to the Cultural ... Read more >

An extreme change in scenery

CHINA | Sunday, 27 Mar 2011 | Views [526]

Took the TUrbojet back (no upgrade this time)to HK Island pier, found the MTR station numerous floors below and took a train (with one change) to Lantau Island. At CityGate, we changed to a local bus and enjoyed another hairy mountain ride for an hour ... Read more >

A taste of Las Vegas

CHINA | Sunday, 27 Mar 2011 | Views [427]

After striking off the places we'd seen yesterday from the tourist map, we worked on a plan to see the unseen places. First we got a taxi to Casa house and gardens - a gallery in a lovely old mansion, however, it was under renovations and we only got ... Read more >

To the City Of Dreams!

CHINA | Sunday, 27 Mar 2011 | Views [470]

Took an early taxi to the pier and after boarding the TurboJet (and being upgraded from economy to deluxe seats), we enjoyed a fast 1 hour trip across the sea to Macau. Got a bit lost in finding our way out of the place and eventually walked to our 4 ... Read more >

Last Night on HK Island

CHINA | Monday, 21 Mar 2011 | Views [686] | Comments [3]

Today we pottered around - going to Post Office, bank, packing bags (to see if we could fit everything in) and eating. Had watched a horror movie before breakfast- "Creep." Haven't bothered watching anything like that since high school. Enjoyed ... Read more >

Back to the mainland - to discover The Northern Territories.

CHINA | Monday, 21 Mar 2011 | Views [521]

Another epic day starting with a 6am alarm in order to call Ni'mah for her Birthday. Because this was such a busy day - here is a summary of our ventures: FANLING: Fung Ying Seen Koon Taoist Temple; Heritage Trail walk to see Shang Him Tong Hakka ... Read more >

The unplanned, lazy day

CHINA | Monday, 21 Mar 2011 | Views [493]

Slept in and didn't get ready to go out until after 9am - well, we were due for a rest. After aimlessly wandering the streets in the rain, Terri found an IT Outlet store (with designer wear) and purchased a groovy pair of blue velvet bell bottoms. Got ... Read more >

A rainy day on the Southern beaches

CHINA | Monday, 21 Mar 2011 | Views [478] | Comments [1]

After asking at reception about public transport along the southern part of HK Island, we were told about the open top Big Bus - a hop on, hop off system. We thought this was a great idea instead of fumbling our way around on multiple transport systems ... Read more >

A cold Change doesn't hold us back

CHINA | Thursday, 17 Mar 2011 | Views [456]

Although a cold change had come through, we decided to brave heading up towards one of the highest points on the island. At 7:30am we were boarding a tram to Admiralty and then following the well signed streets to the lower tram terminal for The Peak.... Read more >

Mum's revisit to her old neighbourhoods & more

CHINA | Thursday, 17 Mar 2011 | Views [410]

Had a late start (9am) and headed around the Happy Valley Racecourse to find Shan Kwong Rd - where Mum and Dad first lived (with me as a baby) back in 1971. A large building was in place of her condemned block but the area hadn't changed too much- there ... Read more >

Over the Harbour - or should I say under?

CHINA | Thursday, 17 Mar 2011 | Views [356] | Comments [1]

Started the day with another big walk, after our buffet breakfast of cornflakes and toast, to Kowloon Park. It was lovely - with a great variety of birds in beautiful settings including flamingos, sweet rosy billed ducks and other exotic varieties from ... Read more >

An epic 13 hour day!

CHINA | Tuesday, 15 Mar 2011 | Views [552] | Comments [3]

Following a decent buffet breakfast in our hotel, we visited a local temple (over 100 years old) which was quite lovely (and smokey). Made our way to the post Office after that to happily discover that posage here is quite cheap so sent a few things ... Read more >

4 trains, 2 treks and a border crossing to Jordan, HK

CHINA | Sunday, 13 Mar 2011 | Views [627] | Comments [2]

Rose at 6am and left our 2 young men in the carriage to find a seat in the dining car to view the scenery for a few hours. Couldn't order from the limited menu until 7:30am when I requested a Western Breakfast - a roll (smaller than a dinner roll) with ... Read more >


CHINA | Sunday, 13 Mar 2011 | Views [562] | Comments [1]

I could have risen early to be taken to a farm for a down to earth, 5 course cooking class but it was raining and i was feeling lazy- i may regret it later - oh well. Instead, we found Mimosa Cafe and headed upstairs to a quaint, heated room to lounge ... Read more >


CHINA | Saturday, 12 Mar 2011 | Views [556] | Comments [3]

After a 9 hour sleep (after watching a movie in bed again last night, "Burn After Reading" - don't worry aboout seeing it if you haven't already), we took our time to enjoy the last of our time at the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat as everything ... Read more >


CHINA | Saturday, 12 Mar 2011 | Views [358]

Didn't put the alarm on today for the first time this trip. We still awoke at 6:30am but didn't feel any pressure. Mum got a quick, hot shower but mine lasted 1/2 minute and the water completely stopped coming out once I had the shampoo on! Mum boiled ... Read more >

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