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On the Loose So, Here I go!! I will add updates frequently with pic's so you can all live vicariously through me!! and join me whenever possible- Love and Peace to you all, I will miss you, hoping to be back soon with a whole new life!!

day 4

USA | Thursday, 6 September 2007 | Views [394]

Spent another 2 hours this am trying to get a room in Toronto...found a shared room with 4 people at Canadiana Youth Hostel in downtown Toronto, went to book it and of course the wireless went out and I lost it...So jumped in the car to get on the road.

Made it across the border at Port Huron into Canada without a car search...Yeah, was really hoping not to have to pull it all out, not sure I could get it all back in...Had to pull over for a nap in the parking lot of a super market, another poor nights sleep and my eyes were rolling back in my head again....

Made it to Toronto in the midst of a horrible rush hour with 8 lanes of traffic at a stand still!! I was watching for a sign for downtown or something like that....nothing...so after like and hour and a half I realized I had passed Toronto....bummer... had to jump off the road and turn around, finally made it into the city, what a great city, I have not been here in years, it is great, bustling and amazing restaurants and stores and people everywhere

So I found the location of my conference and found there is not any secure parking...Drove around looking for the Hostel. called and they were booked and said to call back in an hour...stopped by a travellodge, booked, they said they had called 12 hotels for a guest and everything was booked completely, got a guide book and called all the hostels, all booked, b & b's all booked....Drove over to the hostel, crawling with people and of course no rooms, asked the guy at the desk if I could sit with my computer for a minute and poach his wifi and try to find a place so I didn't have to sleep in my car...sign on find a 4 star on hotwire, same one I had been trying to book for 176 in the am that said it was no longer available and went up to 278/night, now was listed at 136/night, so what the hell...and within 2 minutes it is mine for 4 nights!!!! and it is the Sheraton Center!!!!! side note Boy George and Culture Club are on tv in concert right now???!!!!wow

So I grab my computer and hop in the car and pull away from the hostel, hot, crowded hostel....pull up in the middle of downtown at the swank Sheraton Center, in the heart of everything...minor glitch no parking here...bell man tells me I have to park at a public lot across the street for $19/day and would need to unload my car and car racks and put them in the luggage room...other option please!!!!! ok $35/day he will keep the car in the carport for the hotel, now that is more like it....

I walk in to my room that feels oh so much more like home.....pillowtop beds, fabulous sheets and down pillow assortment aaahhhh, and an incredible view of the city out my window, oh and did I mention the bottle of wine left in the closet.....had my shower and slipped my clean body into my soft sheets.....oh but 136/night does not include the free wireless found at the motel 6 and canadina youth hostel....I am paying 14.95 per day for this crap!!!!! oh the little luxuries...ha

so I will be in class 9am til 10pm for the next 3 days, kinda sucks I won't be enjoying the city and my fabulous room, have the whole day Monday to explore, will let you know when I bump into Brad, Angie and the kids at the film fest.....until then

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