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On the Loose So, Here I go!! I will add updates frequently with pic's so you can all live vicariously through me!! and join me whenever possible- Love and Peace to you all, I will miss you, hoping to be back soon with a whole new life!!

Victoria.Mahe in a day

SEYCHELLES | Saturday, 15 December 2007 | Views [849]

dec 15
spent today in Victoria at the local market and checking out Mahe in a one day kinda way...really not enough but all I have left myself..Unisy, Elodie's sister is great, so warm and accomodating, I am staying in her house and it is all family and friends and they are so kind....
Dinner was with Diana the oldest sister, her husband Rene, they live in Belgium..also friends of the bride Fabian and Julie, dinner was great....tuna steak in wonderful creole spices, bread fruit, with mayonaise, rice, green salad with secret dressing....mango salad, peeled in thin slices and marinated, sooo good, also papaya and something else cooked and served with spices, Aubergine fried....which is eggplant....fresh red and green chili for the fish. dessert was coconut ice cream, coco nougat to cruch on top and a special dish for weddings that I cannot remember the name of but I think it was a glazed and carmelized some kind of fruit...

As I was getting ready for bed Elodie shows up and is ready to go out and go dancing...so we go... first to the casino to play slots awhile, then on to Love Nut....the disco, dance club thing...I have heard of this place from a few people...Good time...we were dancing fools...all these guys kept trying to come dance with us and we kept blowing them off, it was pretty funny...around 2 am this guy is up on the stage and starts singing and yelling to the crowd...turns out he was some local star...his videos had been playing on the big screen on the dance floor all night, -I kinda thought it was like a 80's dance party video...lots of tropical setting and clothes and lots of shaking....anyway it was pretty funny...his dancers were like something you might see in a jay z video..all grinding and shaking..and there were poles on stage......pretty comical, so he leaves the stage , the music comes back on and people must be getting a little drunk and the dancing is becoming a little more x rated and we are having to dance away from men...alot...

A guy stopped me on my way back from the bathroom..can I talk to you...I love this approach..it is so unfamiliar and I find it funny..so yeah ok....turns out he is from Brooklyn, NY and his work partner is from Dallas...he proceeds to ask if he and his friend can come break in and dance with us...he has been watching us heave men away all night and is a little nervous...tooo funny!!! Apparently he and this other guy are private piolets who fly a corpoate jet... a very large corpoate jet..and they are both on call at all times. This week they are spending in Seychelles, put up in a very nice hotel and waiting for a call as to when they will leave....So the family of 5 is staying at one of the new villas on eden Island a new manmade island with very exclusive houses, yacht clubs...residential..etc... anyway so I say who is this.....he says ceo of one of the top 2 US companies..and since the ceo has liberties over the 747 for his personal vacations...I won't go there... I did and Lee says..."I just drive the bus".....

Elodie was about passing out on the table....just from exhaustion..so we were outta there...I stopped to tell Lee and he was holding me and begging me to stay and he would give me a ride...nope....I said I will hitch a ride back to the USA on your direct flight from Seychelles...he laughed...I gave him my number and made a run for it...Great night, driving home with Unisy was a bit crazy....she usually doesn't drive and had a rental car...stick shift....wow...I thought we were not getting home.

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