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On the Loose So, Here I go!! I will add updates frequently with pic's so you can all live vicariously through me!! and join me whenever possible- Love and Peace to you all, I will miss you, hoping to be back soon with a whole new life!!

Safari day 2 Ndutu Lodge

TANZANIA | Saturday, 24 November 2007 | Views [573] | Comments [1]

day 2 Ndutu Safari Lodge
Cheetah  a mom and 3 cubs
lions a pride of women
hyena striped and another
maribu  stork
cape buffalo
Vervet monkey    aka velvet blue ball monkey
gazelle thompson
lilac breasted roller
african hawk eagle
ibis  tall bird curving beak
pygmy falcom
dead honey badger
beeeaters-green and pretty
laughing dove
mcwarren dove
2 maasai children
leopard tortoise
paradise bird
We had 2 drives today, breakfast at 7am and a drive at 8am until noon.  we were able to stand on the seats of the landrover and be out thru the roof for great viewing.  The land is so dry at the moment, the wet season is about to start and the lodge has burned alot of the land to prepare for the first rains,it seems so amazing so many animals live on the barren plains during this dry period but they still do!!!

The land is amazing, dry and hot now, the rains are about to start, it amazing how many animals are around and living in the area even with how dry and dead it seems.  The sun is very hot as I sit on the roof and point at animals for Chui to identify...The morning drive we were able to see 3 cheetah cubs and their mother up close and personal!!! It was soooooo amazing!!! In Ndutu you are able to drive off path and go wherever your range rover will take you so we are able to pull up to the tree they are laying under..at first they are a little annoyed, they have just eatin, we found their kill a few minutes before, and they are trying to lay in the shade and rest.  The mother gets up and moves to the next tree, the cubs slowly follow, as do we....The licked each other and played like cats do with each others tails..and all layed down together, it was so beautiful, and we were soooo close, amazing!!

Not even a half mile away we found a pride of lions, moms and cubs, I think there were 6, again laying under a tree in the shade resting, and again we were able to pull up sooooo close,sooooooooooooo amazing!! I love it, it is so exciting!!

We found a dead honey badger, and I mention this as we got a great look at him and a large lesson on the strength of the badger from Chui.  There are few animals that are predators of the badger as they are fierce!! They are known to take down cape buffalo, how you may ask??? well according to Chui they grab them by the balls and bite the balls off and the buffalo bleed to death..yes it is true, we reconfirmed what we thought we had heard the next day!!

The afternoon drive was amazing as well, once back we gathered around the fire pit and had our gin and tonics, popcorn and visits from the dikdik's and love birds while we watch another gorgeous African sunset!!!  The acacia trees create the perfect backdrop for the lovely sun setting, it is an undescribable experience you need to come and enjoy!!!

Another great dinner at the lodge with the resident genet's showing up on the beams like clockwork to entertain.  They have babies to feed that we are able to hear up in the roof.  Back to the room after a full belly, gas lanterns are out to lead the way, The electricity at the lodge and all rooms is turned off at 11pm and you are not allowed out of the rooms after dark as wild animals are all about as we are in the park...I stayed up all night the 1st night here, listening to the animals, I even went out on the deck at one point, which I learned the next day is not advised...the moon was full and light shone thru the acacia trees, it was too beautiful to sleep!

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Everything sounds so incredible - you have a talent for capturing it in words.!!!

  Mom Dec 3, 2007 10:51 AM

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