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Sometimes I even know where I'm going.....but not often Cycling down the Pacific Hwy in the USA

About shalaith

Me looking stunning in orange and yellow!

Me looking stunning in orange and yellow!

I am Kym. 

You could meet me singing karaoke badly in a pub somewhere. 

You might see me wandering around the hills in Northern Australia apparently talking or singing to myself. 

You could accidently swim into me as we swam after a whale shark. Or more likely, I'd accidently swim into you.

You may in fact snowboard into me as you made your way down Whistler Mountain. 

Or hear me as I chat too loudly to people on trains. 

I talk to anyone, try most things and eat anything especially if it's free. 

I don't know where I'm going but I'll send you a post card when I get there. 

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