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Travel Film Scholarship to Brazil - Winner announced!

BRAZIL | Tuesday, 6 November 2012 | Views [18732] | Comments [7]

Nomads, we have been thoroughly overwhelmed by the quality of presenting and filmmaking talent out there. We received 288 entries from all corners of the globe for the 2012 Travel Film Scholarship to Brazil and each of you shared yourselves, your stories and your travels with us.

We have spent the last 3 weeks poring over your videos and trying to narrow it down to just one winning entry - to find who we think would most benefit from the direction and guidance of Trent O’Donnell in Rio.

Our judging dilemma?

Some entrants had beautiful filmmaking skills, but didn't complete the brief of showcasing a strong presenter. Others had passionate and engaging talent in front of the camera, but struggled behind it. And then there were some of you that, upon further investigation, probably wouldn't benefit from a mentorship experience at all....cough, cough...professionals! (though we can't blame you for wanting a trip to Rio).

So how do you choose a winner?

Unlike a film festival or a competition, this scholarship is not necessarily about finding the ‘best’ film, but about choosing the team that we think has the most potential to develop their skills and be molded through the mentorship experience; individuals who each could use this opportunity to hone their craft, refine their technique, and learn to tell a great story on camera.

Please feel free to leave your congratulations to the winners and the shortlisted entries below. However, if you have any other comments, concerns, program feedback or trollish rants, please email us at scholarships@worldnomads.com.

So, without further delay, we give you the winners of the 2012 Travel Film Scholarship to Brazil…..


Shriya Pilgaonkar & Eeshit Narain - Through local eyes: Parsi culture in Mumbai

UPDATE! Read Shriya and Eeshit's blog and check out their films from their assignment in Rio.

Judges comments:

While many of you did a beautiful job presenting, showing off a place and its attractions, Shriya and Eeshit went one step further with their film. Their film about Parsi culture in Mumbai, told through a visit to the Iranian restaurant ‘Britannia & Co.’, gave us a depth of story that we didn't get with other films. They showed us a corner of the world we didn't know existed, and provided the history behind it. Shriya had a natural interaction with the restaurant owner and provided a personal commentary throughout the film. It was the combination of these qualities, their desire to create original, unique films and a few rough edges that convinced the judges that they had the most to gain from this mentorship.

Congratulations Shriya and Eeshit! You will be embarking on a 10-day adventure in Rio to capture the spirit of Carnival under the mentorship of Trent O'Donnell!


Second Place: Danie van Westhuizen & Moabi Ntlhaile - Experiencing Soweto

Judges comments:

This whole film demystified what you typically might think about life in Soweto - showcasing a really diverse and positive slice of life in the township. The piece was nicely framed and well edited and Moabi was a great, natural presenter who captured some authentic moments with the locals.

Third Place: Michael Parisien & Timothy Karasawa - Through local eyes: LA Farmer's Market & Esteban

Judges comments:

What started out as an interesting and funny trip to the LA farmer's market ended up being a really touching portrait about travel and the freedom it represents. The interview with Esteban and the raw reality of undocumented people struck a chord with our travel community. From a technical perspective, the travel montages and the wide angle shots worked really well too. 

Fourth Place: Anne von Petersdorff & Thomas Heyse - Walkabout Copenhagen

Judges comments:

Anne and Thomas gave us a great portrait of what an afternoon in Copenhagen should look like. The piece is well shot and moves at a cracking pace, but also manages to find quiet beauty in the small details. Anne is a very comfortable host and draws you in with her energy and enthusiam to give herself fully to the moment.

Fifth Place: Tie

Lester Babiera & Karla Mides Toledo - 3 Days in 3 Minutes: Batad Sagada

Judges comments:

We fell in love with this film for its infectious sense of fun.  Lester and Mides have a style that they completely own and they come off as natural, warm and genuine presenters. This, along with their pacy editing conveyed so much story in such a short amount of time - they really took you on their backyard adventure with them.

Ross Magiros & Sussan Mourad - Sydney in 3 minutes

Judges comments:

This film really highlighted Sydney's hidden gems, a side you would only see if you were visiting with a local. Sussan has an excellent on-camera energetic presence and very natural delivery. In short, it makes us want to go explore our own city with these guys.

The Shortlist

(in no particular order)

Stuart Jefka - La Paz 3 minute

Chantal Levy - Turning Pennies Golden

Ashwin Bhardwaj - Hackney

Jordan Woodgate - The Real Greece

Raphaelle Ayach - Through my foreign local eyes

Tassyn Munro & Rubert Fitchet - Off the beaten track

David Mahler & Josie Baynes - Our Eco Melbourne

Kelley Ferro & Justin Weiler - A Perfect Day in Vienna

Georgie Barrat & Ali Rafi - Italians, Cockneys & Custard Tarts

Craig Welzbacher & Rich Ceraulo - Los Angeles County Fair

John Leonard & Serena Star Leonard - Casa Guatemala orphanage

Jamie Oliveira  & Pawara Soh - SF Immersion

Andrada Popan Dorca & Thomas Morris - Herb Market

Gabi Rabe & Nancy Schneider - Gabi on the road in Berlin

Rebecca Cooper & Noel Barlow - Fluff: The Secret Sweet Side of Somerville

Trent Foster & Matthew Keegan - Made in Taiwan

Chloe Billebault & Bruna Allain - Discovering Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

Priyanka Desai & Gaurang Swarge - Miyar - A Himalayan Sojourn

Paul Allica & Shaun McFadyen - From Melbourne to Rio

Basil Curtis & Tom Alomes - Learn New Skill: Knitting

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Congrats Shriya and Eeshit! You really deserved it. I am proud to have at least made the shortlist! Are you guys not doing a "Community Choice" award this year?

  jamieoliveira Nov 6, 2012 4:54 PM


Great videos from all the participants! Beautiful diversity and insights, well done!

  Colette Nov 6, 2012 5:08 PM


Congratulation to the winners of worldnomads.

  awwalubaba Nov 6, 2012 6:14 PM


congrats Shriya & Eeshit - looking forward to your videos from rio!
what a fun contest ... with so many great videos. keep traveling - keep filming;)

  Anne Nov 7, 2012 3:44 AM


Any chance you could list who was considered a professional entry and disqualified? Just curious which ones were considered professional. Thank you!

Hi Diane, we are not planning to publish this list. - Alicia

  Diane Black Nov 13, 2012 2:37 PM


A massive congrats to the winners and runners up - just watched them all and they are brilliant videos!
We are so happy to have made the short list - thanks WN for the opportunity - we look forward to the next competition!

  Serena Nov 27, 2012 3:54 PM


Just wondered why Eeshit Narain is not considered a professional considering their fairly extensive commercial video work dating back to 2008?

  K.A. Feb 28, 2014 10:41 PM

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