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UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 21 Feb 2013 | Views [239]

The last 4 months has been an interesting and amazing experience- some parts were unmissable and some I won't miss, like the long days on the truck! My 6 main highlights are- The Galapagos Islands, Death Road in Bolivia, The Inca Trail andMacchu Picchu ... Read more >

The final few days in Rio de Janeiro

BRAZIL | Friday, 15 Feb 2013 | Views [322]

The last couple of days in Rio have been hot!! Average temperature 35 degrees C, so I've been hiding in the shade to avoid melting into a puddle altogether. On which thought, I headed to the Botanic Gardens in Leblon on Wednesday to enjoy the shade and ... Read more >

Rio Carnaval!!!!!!!

BRAZIL | Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013 | Views [376]

And so to Rio for the Carnaval!! After arriving into Rio and having said goodbye to the lady who got us all here from Quito (Magaly, the truck), we checked into the hotel in Lapa and set off to explore the neighbourhood and had a late lunch/afternoon ... Read more >

Party in Parati

BRAZIL | Friday, 8 Feb 2013 | Views [293]

Our weather luck has finally run out!! On the way from Iguazu to Parati, as we went around Sao Paulo the heavens opened and about 2 feet of water landed in our campsite over the space of 2 hours. We had seen and heard the storm coming, but had managed ... Read more >

Iguazu Falls

BRAZIL | Monday, 4 Feb 2013 | Views [242]

Brasiiiilll!!!! Wooo, finally, the last country in my South American odessey is here and we got a Brazilian BBQ buffet last night at the campsite accompanied by caipirinhas following a beer in the pool during the sunset.....doesn't really get much better!! ... Read more >

Photos: Brazil

BRAZIL | Saturday, 2 Feb 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Buenos Aires part 2 and 2 days in Paraguay

PARAGUAY | Monday, 28 Jan 2013 | Views [275]

So looking back at all my posts, and feedback from readers, it seems my blogs are a teeny tiny bit food orientated!! And I'm afraid this is not going to change any time soon - hehehe!! La Desnivel in San Telmo was one of the best meals so far- I had ... Read more >

The longest drive ever and Buenos Aires part 1

ARGENTINA | Wednesday, 23 Jan 2013 | Views [314]

So the gruelling 5 day journey to Buenos Aires is over!! We managed to find a campsite in all the places we stopped so no rough camping yet!! The campsite in Comodoro Rivadavia was pretty much in someone's front garden with 1 combined shower/toilet for ... Read more >

Photos: Argentina

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 20 Jan 2013 | Photo Gallery

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The End of The World

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 20 Jan 2013 | Views [306]

Punta Arenas was our one night in a hotel from pretty much Santiago to Buenos Aires and the luxury of sleeping in a bed nearly stopped me from sleeping altogether!! For dinner, decided to splash on some seafood as we were on the coast and eventually ... Read more >

Torres del Paine - strangely enough not the Towers of Pain!!!

CHILE | Sunday, 13 Jan 2013 | Views [478]

Again apologies for the delay in publishing this update, Torres del Paine is unsuprising devoid of decent Wifi! So to start - El Calafate was a lovely little town near the Los Glaciars National Park, whose main attraction was the Perito Moreno glacier, ... Read more >

New Years Resolution - eat more ice cream!!!!

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 5 Jan 2013 | Views [290]

With no New Years resolutions except to enjoy the rest of the trip, we left for Bariloche in Argentina. We are now 2 trucks running parallel, Bernie and Magaly, with 45 people in total. Unfortunately Bernie didn't quite make it to the campsite in Bariloche ... Read more >

Caving with flipflops and my first time with Crampons!!

CHILE | Tuesday, 1 Jan 2013 | Views [411]

Ok so quite alot to catch up on now :) The days before Xmas were spent in San Pedro de Atacama in the Atacama desert. We had two whole days there camping in the dustiest campsite ever, though at least the showers were vaguely warm. First day was an excursion ... Read more >

Photos: Salt Flats!!

BOLIVIA | Sunday, 23 Dec 2012 | Photo Gallery

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Merry Christmas from the Atacama Desert

CHILE | Saturday, 22 Dec 2012 | Views [217]

Am currently in San Pedro de Atacama, an oasis in the Atacama desert in Northern Chile. From here to Santiago on Dec 27th its looking a bit hazy for internet, so this is to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, lots of presents and fun, and of course wayyy ... Read more >

Bye bye Bolivia, Aloha Argentina

ARGENTINA | Friday, 21 Dec 2012 | Views [302]

Taking photos on the salt flats is not as easy as it would seem!! You have to get everything lined up perfectly and in the glaring sun it is very tricky to actually see the camera viewfinder or sceen. Especially when you are lying flat on your front ... Read more >

Two towns in Bolivia not worth a visit..

BOLIVIA | Sunday, 16 Dec 2012 | Views [299]

Ok, so apart from a mine that hasn't changed its methods and conditions in 500 years, Potosí really doesn't have much to recommend itself. It is a small town with small streets which are rammed with people, even on a week day. This was no tourist ... Read more >

Death Road!!!!

BOLIVIA | Friday, 14 Dec 2012 | Views [429]

Ok, so the Death Road was amazing- from the snowy slopes at 4700m at La Cumbre, to the hot humid valley below at 1200m. Despite being the rainy season, we escaped even a drop of rain and once we descended from the clouds, the sun shone all day. We started ... Read more >

Photos: Bolivia

BOLIVIA | Tuesday, 11 Dec 2012 | Photo Gallery

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Lake Titicaca

BOLIVIA | Tuesday, 11 Dec 2012 | Views [358]

Arrived into Puno on Lake Titicaca after along journey back along the way to Cusco, including Juliaca which is one of the least pleasant, most post-apocalyptic place so far. One main road partially paved, with a huge sprawl of truck mechanics and unfinished ... Read more >

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