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China in a nut shell My dealings with China


CHINA | Monday, 30 May 2011 | Views [771] | Comments [2]


So since we last spoke not a whole lot has actually been happening with me. I have not stopped seeing amazing and cool things so different from what I am used to but I forget them quickly which isn’t bad because I can enjoy it again next time!!! However here are some of the things I do remember. Good luck…


I will start with school as apposed to finishing with it. School is going fantastically well. I love it, sure after 2 days off my attitude is a little “I don’t wanna” but when I get there its good. Although I do have 2 tough classes. My now level 3 class is so young that sometimes I just can’t keep them behaving no matter how much I move or play games. But my worst class by miles is L5C there are 9 of them and more than half of them just don’t want to be there or learn or try or behave. You might be thinking it’s something I am doing wrong however in every other class my kids are 100 times better, the kids at least learn. I just can’t be bothered with them so I go in teach and if they don’t listen I don’t care too much. It sucks but I think about the rest and I know I can’t be doing too much wrong. I was teaching love really like hate etc to a class and one of them told me he really likes me and another told me he loved me, I think it’s cause I let him play angry birds though…still counts.

            The school plays a sport every Wednesday and the Chinese teachers are forced to go. They tend to avoid me at badminton because I attempt to make them move their feet so that sucks but we went swimming recently which I haven’t done in a long time. Amazing not one of the Chinese teachers could swim. 10 adult women in rubber rings in the U.K. would be a sight but it seemed normal as there was a lesson for others adults on when we went and they were all wearing rings too. I hope to help Crystal to learn to swim but I don’t know if I would be a good swimming teacher because it seems once you know how to swim you forget how it could be difficult to learn.

            I have started to look for new jobs now but pretty slowly. Just a peek every few days. I will get more serious in June I think because although there tons of jobs getting the right one in the right place can be a little tougher. I have been offered some jobs outside this province but I want to stay here and see how it goes with Crystal. Hoping for some more money to pay off a little debt to banks and parents, I earn 6000 but my friends work less by a lot with longer holidays and get 12000 so I know I can go up and up!

            I have agreed to do a special class this coming Tuesday at a public school. It will be to about 50 – 60 students around 17 or 18 but their English is at quite a low level for that age. I got to choose the topic so because I am sooooo original I chose the U.K. and U.K. occasions. Thinking now I would love to have done superheroes or Chinese U.K. comparisons. But I am nervous because the most people I have taught before is 11. Please wish me luck JL


Enough about school! It’s time for the random stuff; this is a note that there is no order to these events. I just wrote down what I remembered and am using those notes to write this.

            MOVIES! I have been to the cinema to see a few of the newer films out, I love the cinema. A lot cheaper here but obviously not the same availability as in the U.K. So saw Thor and it was better than I thought it would be but I have never been a big super hero movie lover so I didn’t think it was amazing. I saw Pirates 4 too and hated it. I just thought it looked crap and the story and pace and jokes blaaah anyway. Stupidly I really liked Fast and Furious 5 but maybe the other people in the cinema might have helped there. I saw it in Guangzhou and the cinema was biiiiiig and about half full. And everyone bar me responded so loudly: crazy laughter, gasping, sighs, cringes and everything you could imagine but 200 people doing it. That was the funniest part for me really surreal. I saw Kung Fu Panda 2 yesterday and although I missed the start I thought it was pretty good, not as funny as the first but the animation looked great. I hope they make another but maybe more light hearted. After the movie there was a man selling inflatable pig head hammers that were so cash I had to buy one. So cash…oh Sam. They were awesome so I made Crystal buy me one and then I beat her with it. True story. He is looking at me right now <3 u piiiig. A film coming out here soon is Skyline which came out a few years ago in the U.K. didn’t it? Thought it was weird poor china is going to get that terrible movie.

            The day before yesterday we went and painted a money pig which is getting glazed as we speak. It was great fun drawing and painting it and I hope it turns out well. I drew like a blue sky, big sun and fence and grass and a tree with apples. Crystal painted her half a big pink…mess…I’m sorry crystal. I am sure more isn’t any good either but it was fun. Really nerve racking at some points because it was a Saturday evening and next to the arcade and people kept coming and standing next to and behind us as we painted.  8 people were watching me slaughter the pig at one point other people painting anything weren’t getting a quarter of the audience but were doing much better drawings and painting. I felt I had to REPRESENT! We shall see if I did.

            The place I painted my pig was called HuaMao it is a completely new shopping centre that opened up near mine. It is massive and awesome. There is a cinema and all sorts of hot pot western and Korean places with tons of shops of course and an arcade. Other shopping centres already have these things but this one is well close so it’s better.

            I completed my first 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle a few months ago. It is of an anime and you can see a photo online somewhere. I took me an age but I got it done. So happy with that.

            One of my friends who I met when I first moved here, on the first day actually has moved away. He was a pretty cool guy and we did some serious partying so I miss that a bit. I do my best but he knew a loooot of people so I saw and did a lot of things hanging around with him.

            I will not be making anymore videos as the last one was an unmitigated disaster 10 views…never again. Writing it is.

            I have been getting back into darts in a big way playing a few times every week now. My friend Graham is who I always play with and he has improved so much so fast that the games are really good now. I for a while now been trying to beat him by finishing with the bull and recently did it which was awesome because we have played so many games and I always call it and go for it but never got it but now mwhahaha I don’t have to go for bull to finish anymore! So happy. But ye, looking forward to some darts when I come home. If you are reading this and play GET READY.

            I recently went on a trip to Guangzhou the massive city near by for Crystal’s exam. Oh ye Crystal had an exam for a tour guide license because she wanted to be a tour guide for a while. It means cheap entry to attractions all over China which is pretty cool too. Anyway it was fun and she feels pretty confident so I hope she does well. We ate some nice food did some shopping and then went to the cinema as previously mentioned.

            EXERCISE. I am sure mum is most keen to see if I am still round like a big old tree. Well yes I am but I have started to work on it. I am trying to do some everyday I have a plan and everything. July is going to be the time I seriously try to get some weight off because all my friends will have gone home so all I will have is me and the road! Game on.

            The last thing I have to talk about is my trip to Red Flower Reservoir (RFR). I just found out I didn’t know how to spell reservoir, damn it Sam learn English bettterer. So this is a massive R on the edge of Huizhou which not surprising is surrounded by red flowers. It is beautiful, my photos couldn’t do it justice. It took around 3 hours to get round with stops and messing about. The weather was amazing and it was nice to be out seeing such beautiful sites. I had a good time with Crystal. It is really well taken care of, the water is clean and clear, the road around is smooth and interesting to follow. Just an all round great time. I went here with Chris when he visited and we missed out. Sorry brother I will make it up to you but we didn’t have enough beer for that bike ride so maybe it’s ok. This really should be a must do for Huizhou visitors.


Anyway I think that is everything up until the close future! Hope you enjoyed it sorry about it taking so long but as you can see I spent a lot of time talking about nothing.


Take care, Sam x

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Go and see the new X-men film if it's out over there Sam! hehe.
Good to hear things are going well, weird to learn nobody can swim over there...
Put up some more photos soon!

  Abz Jun 14, 2011 8:22 AM


Hello Sam, good to see your doing well, will watch your youtube vid later :)

  ZuB Aug 27, 2011 3:42 AM



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