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V Day and T Day!

CHINA | Wednesday, 2 March 2011 | Views [584] | Comments [2]

So Valentines Day was great! My first one with an actually girlfriend I could see and everything! It was pretty cool. We went to this cake place and made a cake. Crystal made her first cake and it was good! No one has an oven so this place gives the option to make it for you or let you make! We had to work after so we just a nice lunch and then worked but it was nice. Flowers and chocolate too just to make sure I am the cheesy king. But she loves that kind of think so it went down really well. The Chinese celebrate Valentines Day but also Chinese Valentines Day which is like 3 days later. They like celebrating!


Nothing big is happening in my life. I am slowly learning some Chinese but it’s not an easy thing to do. No getting much chance to do sport but I am back running again. Tiring stuff but hopefully I can lose some weight. One of co workers got up the duff and is having a wedding very quickly! I am invited so that should be interesting. Crystal was asked to be the bridesmaid which I thought at first was a great thing BUT the Chinese are not as nice as they seem. There are 2 requirements for a bridesmaid: shorter than the bride and less beautiful than the bride….This made me angry. The bride is a really good looking girl but I don’t like how she asked my girlfriend. Then a girl from work made fun of it and she is NOT a pretty one I had a mind to tell her she couldn’t get a bridesmaid being the ugliest girl in china. Ohhhhhhhh still makes me angry now! But as the bridesmaid all she really has to do is follow Tina about and drink for her when people cheer the bride! This job in the U.K. a dream job but in China when you can handle 1 beer is a dangerous one and it’s the same for the groom as well. Anyway enough angry on that subject from me.


School is going well I had a meeting with the boss and she is happy with my work and said she would be very happy if I stayed for another year. We will talk again in April about a new contract. It’s early but they say it's so they can start the recruiting process on time this time. I like the school but I think I will move. Crystal is going to Guangzhou which is a big big city with like 12 million people and quite a large foreign presence. Capital of my current province too. I am not too sure about it though, not such a fan of massive cities for living I think although I have never done so. There is a city close to Shanghai called Hangzhou and it is the same size as Huizhou but is meant to be a really beautiful city. I live in Huizhou which has the #2 West Lake whilst Hangzhou has the #1 west lake. It’s like quite far in the opposite direction though and so I am really torn about it. Maybe harder to get a job their because it isn’t so big and wouldn’t have opportunities and foreigners of Guangzhou, lets not forget Crystal. But Hangzhou seems like a really beautiful, not too big city that isn’t that far away from Shanghai maybe 2 or 3 hours. AHHH I don’t know I am starting to look now to see what’s going on with jobs in China but being lazy so far. Any advice anyone? Speaking to crystal isn’t a great help as she hasn’t been many places and she gets upset when I talk about other places.


Let me know what you guys think!


Also I will b back in the U.K. August sometime for a couple of weeks I hope so I am looking forward to that. It’s my next holiday too so I am pretty excited even though it’s so far away! I plan on going to Edinburgh, Dundee and of course Aberlour because I want to see everyone and recruit more Chinese teachers to join me! PARTY!


Hugs and Kisses: Sam.


P.S. I just learned Chinese chess today and it seems pretty cool so I look forward to getting a chance at playing it in the future! So now I just need to learn to cook Chinese food, do martial arts and speak perfect Chinese. No problem Kate! J



Crystal made the cake and did the writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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you should come see me when you're in edinburgh :P
p.s. chinese women == bitches :P that's maths.

  Cat Mar 4, 2011 4:21 AM


Michty Sam u have got it bad!!!! I never thought I'd see the day!!!!!

  Annie Mar 5, 2011 10:08 AM

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