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Gallery: rosario cordodba santa Rosa

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 17 Oct 2009 | Photo Gallery

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ARGENTINA | Tuesday, 15 Sep 2009 | Views [487] | Comments [1]

Wow I never thought that I would find myself sipping a drink, that smelt of shit, tasted like green tea with mashed in fags. To make matters even more sureal you share a straw with other people, one of which is now in the German hospital in BS AS with ... Read more >

My class the second week

ARGENTINA | Monday, 14 Sep 2009 | Views [401] | Comments [1]

The English in BS AS

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 13 Sep 2009 | Views [385]

The English must be the oddest group of people in the world. In Racoleta cemetry I was greated by a very posh sounding woman, who said she was English. She overpronounced all her words and was very odd. She then called us scouse boys and said "... Read more >

My class the first week

ARGENTINA | Tuesday, 8 Sep 2009 | Views [396]

Learning is fun!!! It is good to experience someone else explain ideas, write on a whitebored and have to plan lessons. My class: Louise, Kevin, Emma, Isla, Deborah, Nicolas and my teacher Eduardo are lots of fun. At first we sat silent not understanding ... Read more >

Gallery: Buenos Aires

ARGENTINA | Tuesday, 8 Sep 2009 | Photo Gallery

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The drag queen singing phantom with jesus

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 6 Sep 2009 | Views [488]

Tonight I only had 2 vodkas, but felt totally spaced out. I watched a drag queen sing phantom in Spanish, playing both the main parts. I spoke to some locals "me lamo, Rob"..... "I lick myself, rob" instead of "me llamo Rob"... Read more >

The sweet couple from Rio

BRAZIL | Friday, 4 Sep 2009 | Views [457]

Love is sweet. Today I caught a plane from Rio to BS AS, seats were bookd so Kev and I could have isle seats, but an error in check in forced us to have a window and middle seat, however 2 boys whoe were madly in love stole our seats so they could ... Read more >

Sleepimg in the airport

BRAZIL | Thursday, 3 Sep 2009 | Views [421]

How boring, walked through arrivals out of the door and it was raining in Rio.  Then got in a lift straight up to the hotel and slept. Rio rocks!!!!!

The journey to South America

BRAZIL | Thursday, 3 Sep 2009 | Views [463]

house to leytonstone Leytonstone to Heathrow Heatrow to Rio   Blah!!!!!! Upgade and movie passed 11 hours realively painlessly.

Getting ready

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 3 Sep 2009 | Views [396]

Will I ever be ready for this bloody trip!!!!! 24 trips to blacks, 4 pairs of traveller pants, 3 pairs of traveller trousers, a ruck sack, micro fleece, 2 bottles of wine a pizza and its 3 in the morning and I am not yet packed!!! When do you get ... Read more >

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