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Romania | Monday, January 14, 2013 | 5 photos

I always loved images. It begun with me painting when I was about four years old. I painted birds and trees and people, beautiful happy people with white faces, red lips and green eyes - perfect faces, like the Greek sculptures showing only the perfect balanced human body. I knew nothing about photography, not even that it exists. I was too little, I was too poor. I like to think I'm wiser now, that I learned things and I see the world differently. I'm not painting perfect faces anymore. I begun to see the world. And to print it on paper.
Why do I want to learn from Jason?
There are pictures that please the eye and fill the heart with joy or sadness, beautiful pictures, pictures that changed the history, that made a difference. I want to take such pictures, to contribute, to leave something behind. And I want to do this by pictures because it's the way I most like to express myself.
I like to interact with people, I know the secret of taking a good picture is to have them relaxed near you. And I like to wake up very early, to go where necessary and take that photo that counts.

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